To Mahinalani

Aloha Mahinalani,

Let me thank you for being a wonderful person and a loving one.

You have sensed her? It’s a wonder how we are connected as such. Why have you offered to find her for me? This is not a case of Finding Nemo. Are you Dory and I am Marlin? As I said Mahinalani, that book is closed. You found the missing placement for pictures and that was the end of it. She has been a part of my life and we have made memories. We knew our fate. We spent the moments of love unfeigned.

You thought of loving from the mind. Are you capable of loving from the heart, Mahinalani? Our journey is held together by love. When one of us leaves one’s side, the journey is over. Side by side we are holding the moment together.

What am I willing to give? I am willing to give my love, Mahinalani.

From your scientific mind, you’re using the scientific method in arriving to a conclusion after conducting experiments on my heart. Please don’t play with my heart. I decided to love you the moment our journey began, Mahinalani.

Yours truly,