December 26, 1993
11:31 p.m.

Dearest Eluwene:

First of all let me thank you very much for your hospitality. It was the best ever that happened to me. I cannot forget about you because your image is embossed in my heart. I would like to apologize for my cousin's misbehavior to your household. I didn't expect that she would be like that. My brother and I are truly sorry. I hope you understand. I discussed my situation with her to you last night because I've found out that you possess something that I couldn't find in somebody elese. Thank you for yur advice and for listening to me.

We didn' reach the 2 p.m. flight. We have to stay till 5 p.m. I wish I knew of the fact that we leave at this hour. We could have much more time to spend. As soon as the plane took off, I whispered goodbye uttering your name.

Last night, I was very impressed for your honesty telling me yur past and present. We just met for a few days, we trusted each other and shared our past. I have many other life stories to be shared in days to come.

After we landed my cousin never talked to me. My brother and I were left behind their tails. You know her friend Leihuku, she never talked to me.They left us at the terminal. My cousin offered us a ride home but she has to go home first and take her car. We have to wait for an hour which in fact would just take about 20-25 minutes. I called a friend of mine. They arrived to pick us up in no time and dropped us in our Kihei home. We had dinner. my mom's cooking (the same like you).

One unexpecting moment, my brother from P.I. called to know how we're doing. After he left, one phone call from my mom's aunt told us one horrible news that MY DAD IS DEAD. Kasangsangsangpetmi laeng nga agkabsat ditoy balay ket dayta met ti naipadamag. Nasakit ti nakemko nga makaamo ngem saanak nga sigurado ta saan met nga imbaga diay kabsatko daytoy nga damag idi immawag. Ikarkararagko iti Apo nga saan koma nga pudno didiay ta no pudno naperdin dagiti arapaapko. Kasla natayak metten no kasdiay. Isu ti maysa kadagiti inspirasyon ko ti biag. He's a symbol of strength and determination. I believe in his way of life despite of his inability to hear. With his disability, we couldn't communicate much just through the pen and paper. I want to see him next year and spend a great deal of time to take care of him, share my dreams and goals.

Eluwene, I'm sorry if you get bored of my writings, it's just I want to express what I feel through this medium just like you in your paintings. I know you have a big potential in life, very big. You got it all. Please don't waste your life because I value your life as God does. I went through a lot of trials, problems but I was brave to face them and also it takes time. Your situation between your two lovers is kind of difficult. A mistake can not be corrected by another mistake. Based on your statement, you incline more to Miko than Kimo. These two guys are in the brink of fighting over you. Because of that, you can not handle and you tried to take your own life to escape from this problem. Suicide is not the solution to your problems. Ask for God's help for guidance an dtell about your problems to your close friend, counselor, your mom, grandma or anybody who you can trust.


December 27, 1993
11:45 p.m.

My brother and I went out and drove around and showed him around Maui. We didn't stop at those scenic places because we don't have time to spend. I worked around 4:00 p.m. and I went home twelve midnight together with my brother whom I picked up at your uncle's house. You know why I was late going home. Well, my client/admirer came down before I was about to leave. We spent time talking about business and hopefully she didn't bring out what I'm afraid of. I talked to you about her. One more thing you should know is that I wore her gift to work. I liked the gift and it matched my persona. She was happy to see me with her gift I'm wearing. I noticed that you wore Miko's gift, and Miko must be happy, too. We should treat people the way we like to be treated.

When she left, I was putting my creative juices to work. I made you a magazine cover. It's my gift to you as a token of my friendship to you and to thank you for your kindness, trustworthiness, thoughtfulness, and so on. I hope you like it. Inspiration is the key to works of art and that is you.

Eluwene, would you like to be on Maui on New Year's eve? I postponed my trip to the Big Island because I'm hoping for you to come with Keala. We're going on the 7th or the 14th. You know I am convincing Auntie Malena on moving to Maui because I am concerned about the future of her family. I went to their residence and they shared the difficulties they're having. I wanted to help them start a new way of life with God's will.

Eluwene, if you need someone to talk to, I'm just right here. Please write back. I'll call you on Thursday morning before noon. Take care and I thank you very much and to God for meeting a girl like you.


P.S. I would like to extend my thanks to Tutu, Mapu, and your Mama and the rest of your household for their warm hospitality. Again, I'm sorry about my cousin's behavior.