April 07 - Keep your eye on the ball
This is paradise in the designer's eyes.

01 April 2007
My Mac has become a PC! Permanently?
After upgrading to BootCamp 1.2, I was no longer able to switch back to OS X? Is this an April Fool's Joke? Help!

02 April 2007
Just Temporary
Sumakwel, my MacPro tower was finally fixed and he was revived into a dual booting machine again. Thanks to perseverance.

Filling Air
I've filled air in all of my truck's four tires because they don't have enough pressure. In a few minutes, I will meet with my friend at his office and dine at a Chinese restaurant with his family. The food was sumptuous. There were leftover food and I had to bring it home. I've been thinking, where will I go from here. It's a cosmic question whisper out to the universe.

13 April 2007
My MacBook Sold
Sikatuna has found a new owner, my co-worker. She was happy to get it at a bargain used price at less than two months old. I've been thinking in a traveling situation, Sikatuna would've been a perfect travel companion because of his size and weight and of course he is a Mac.

A Road Trip
I just got home from work and Sumakwel was ailing again. My USB hub was acting up and I lost four ports. I'm having a headache but I have to retain my composure. I'm just packing up for my first wedding photography project and is outside Maui. My coworkers wished me good luck on this project because it is my first. My gear bag was loaded with my cameras and Tadhana, my laptop which is on her way to finding a new home as well across the Pacific. My gearbag is almost my weight (laughs). I can handle it because I will be having a lot of these trips on weekends. I'm saving up on a MacBook Pro but I love all of my Sony VAIOs but the MacBook Pro is a classic and it is Apple from which I am a stockholder. I just have to support my company's efforts in bringing quality media products to humanity. As a photographer, I have to use the typical photographer's tools...a camera and a Mac. I'm now sold on the Mac because of its dualboot capacity.

Anyway, I got all my gears and clothes packed. I told my housemates, I'm going on a road trip. Of course, the usual pasalubong when I get home on Sunday. No one was able to drop me off at the airport so I brought in my truck to the airport and left it there. My boss was on the line at the gate and he was also heading to the same destination. I hope and pray our systems are all up and running. I barely made it to the plane but I got in a flew to my destination. And wish me well for tomorrow's big day. You will get to see what I've seen through the lens.

14 April 2007
Good Morning
I just woke up and preparing to go to the wedding. Am I nervous? I am excited! I'll fill you in later. For now, I am hungry and longing for a fried boneless bangus.

The Wedding Photographer
I think I did well performing my craft. I'll be posting an album of some of the highlights of the wedding when i get home to Maui. I had an assistant who took photos with me.

15 April 2007
I'm Home Now
I just got home but the trip was a success. I was able to face my fear. Every shot was worth placing in a photo album. Thank you for all your support and confidence in me.

20 April 2007
Manny Pacquiao for Congress

Give this man a chance.