July 2001
Jose Rizal - The National Hero

01 aug 2001
When you believe and have faith, your prayers are answered. Sometimes answers come soon, sometimes later. It's part of the divine plan to make us learn through our journey in life. When we receive these answers we must be thankful and share the experience to humanity that there is this Presence that guides humanity. Rejoice and share the Word.

10 aug 2001
Evening comes down and a woman sits upon her window gazing upon the vast night sky. She asks, "Where art thou? I searched for thee." There she saw the stars move and reveal a face. The face of the man who will cherish her for the rest of their lives.

23 aug 2001
After being under the mercy of the sun the colour of the ribbon tied around the tree slowly faded away. It was once yellow and now turned to white and is slowly deteriorating under the elements. The promise that lingered on that ribbon died with it. She's gone and set sail to the New World starting life anew.

25 aug 2001
May you rest in peace Aaliyah.

26 aug 2001
He learned so much today from the wisdom of his patron. There is so much to learn about life. One's individuality is one's uniqueness. He left with a smile on his face that he lives in contentment because he is filled with life. It is part of living to face adversities. From them he learned to be stronger.