Aug 2003
A flower with her beauty emanating

01 august 2003
I had dinner with the Godinezs, the Rodriguezs, at the Rock residence. It was like a despida for my friends from Subic and I enjoyed my time with the family where I can trace back familial ties since 1996. I'm going to Manila in November and I never miss the opportunity to visit them. Tita Cheryl has been helpful to me as always along with her family. The kids has grown already and they're just beginning to explore the world that is out there.

03 august 2003
Yuan fen is the opposite of coincidence; it is a belief that there is a deeper meaning to the events of our lives. It would mean fate, if fate attended only positive results, for yuan fen always has a good connotation. When two people meet by chance and feel a natural bond, that is yuan fen. - After The Revolution by Robert Treadway, Print, July/August 2003 issue

07 august 2003
You have made your second year at work.

Happy birthday to my brother.
I wish you the best in life and thank for being my brother and my friend.

Noveau rich.
Noveau rich. [adj] characteristic of someone who has risen economically or socially but lacks the social skills appropriate for this new position. -WordNet Dictionary

09 august 2003
Tadhana is undergoing some slight revisions. I am in the process of adopting a tableless layout by using cascaded style sheets (CSS). I was inspired by this website, CSS Zen Garden, because of the countless designs submitted by graphic designers through this website using the same content. Being a graphic designer, I appreciate the beauty of things. As a result, I want to express beauty through Tadhana.

10 august 2003
Life is full of beautiful things. Soft sunset, painted rainbows, delicate blossoms, love and laughter, quiet moments, and nice friends like you. -- Txthots

11 august 2003
The dreaded MS Blaster worm attacked thousands of Windows 2000 and XP-based workstations and servers worldwide. Our workstations and servers at work were not spared from the attack but we were able to patch the hole quickly to prevent the occurence from happening again. When I got home, there was no sign of viral infection in all of our PCs. I downloaded the patch and checked the firewall so there wouldn't be any port accessible for the computer viruses to get in.

Microsoft is the most envied company in the world and its OS has dominated most of the desktops and laptops in the world. They also have entered the console gaming arena, and now mobile computing gadgets like PDAs and phones, also. Microsoft wants to become a part of our connected lives. Honestly, I want to have an Apple Powermac G5 with its beauteous operating system called OS X. Now, I'm beginning to love UNIX and may be ready to make the switch and do my Apple switch ad. Hahahaha.

The web has totally changed our lives where people have created their own life in the screen. What would life be without the Internet these days? Information at the speed of thought. Google your way in the maze of confusion and you shall be enlightened by what you find out in your query. Perhaps, ask a question about your purpose in life.

14 august 2003
It's a fine morning to spend time with a friend of mine at Starbucks where we talked about lifestyles of the rich and famous, yuan fen, philosophy, culture, food, literature. I brought in my sketchbook but I wasn't able to show it because of time constraints.

Are You Sure? [a correspondence in story form]
And the woman asked inquisitively to her young nephew, “Are you sure?” If God was there, He would have said to the woman, “Go read Luke 6:37 and be careful what you think they may become words.”

15 august 2003
I wasn't feeling well and I didn't know what got me. I had downloaded the patch naman.

21 august 2003
"Hindi ka nag-iisa!" What would it be like if Ninoy is still living amongst us?

24 august 2003
How can I understand the language of signs?
The language of signs is our individual way of coming into contact with God. In order to learn this language, one's intuition must be developed. In order to develop intuition, one must not be afraid of making mistakes. --THE ALCHEMIST

27 august 2003
The planet Mars has at its closest position to our planet Earth. Astrologers around the world are making predictions again as to how world events would turn out as well with our personal lives.