August 2006: From here to there--destiny
There is a destination whenever a journey is started. Will this journey will finally lead me to you as the waters have been treacherous like the ocean during a storm. I will let fate run its course. So help me God!

01 august 2006
Agosto na at ilang 2log na lang at mararating ko na ang bansa ng mga Pilipino na katulad ko. Onse na araw ang bibilanging bago ang paglisan mula sa lupang tinubuan. Onse na araw na doblehen ang oras para maging beinte2. Onseng beses na pagtulog na lang at nangangarap na andyan na ako sa piling mo. Onseng patak ng tubig sa aking mukha hanggang marating ang lupang pinagdugtong ng dagat. Onse ang bilang ng nagmamahalan. Ang isa at isa ay dalawa.

Ano ang nakaukit sa tadhana? Etong entry na ito. :)

Bakit Tagalog? Oops Pilipino pala!
Buwan ng pambansang wika ngayon. Pero por the sake of our English speaking only readers, we will akomodate your reading pleisure. Hehehe. Anyway, trip ko lang na sulatin ang aking mga kaisipan sa pambansang wika nating Pilipino. Sana di ninyo ako pintasan pag nakaulayaw ko kayo sa sining ng pakikipagtalastasan. Bigyan ninyo ako ng kalayaang maipamalas ko ito.

On my way to Kahului, it took me 2 hours to get there. May banggaan sa may tunnel. Ready na ba ako for Manila trapik? Hell, no! I am getting insane with this urban madness. It takes so much of my life force that I would come home na parang zombie na. Should I dwell in the urban wilderness or in the country wilderness? I reach out my hand...

02 august 2006
"If you build it, they will come." - Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams

Bruna is on her way to Manila
Bruna will finally go to Manila and will be able to see where Bruno's home country. Bruna was so excited until she noticed her master was sad and wondered why. The master was looking at the fish pendant with a sigh. He wore it two days ago to feel its essence and breathe the presence surrounding the pendant.

03 august 2006
Got your email with a farewell. I have no intention of letting you fall and don't catch you. First you were bed-ridden, and second the worst hit us. Aren't we supposed to meet in this lifetime? I am on my way to you and in times of adversity, I ask my God to shield us from external influence.


04 august 2006
Have you checked your relationship? See diagram above. If we can only get past misery, we can make it all the way up.

Death Aborted
If I stayed up late last night till the sun came up and went to work, I would have met Death. I was not feeling well and if I forced myself to work on the paper with my colleagues I wouldn't be writing this journal entry. I must live to see you today. For if I won't see you in this lifetime, perhaps the next.

Lagi Na Lang
Lagi na lang ang trapik at aburidung-aborido na ako. Perhaps dito naman ako sa kabila magtrabaho o di kaya'y mag-telecommuting. Nagbibilang na lang ako ng buwan bago ito magisnan ang kaganapan nito.

If only I could put tunes to the words I write. For you have the gift to make this words shine in melody.

05 august 2006
Producing an Original Thought
It wasn't my idea but it was hatched by our business partner, Origto came hot off the press last night. The whole day we toiled on this task and the first shirt came to be and it is on its way there to the masses. We believe that no two shirts are alike since it is all original. We were done at 3 a.m. and I have felt a sense of accomplishment.

I share our successful project to you and I know you are happy for this little venture. There you go. Thanks for your support.

06 august 2006
In The Pink Room
I have moved some of my stuffs to the pink room. The white room is starting to lose its grandeur like the blue room that was. The pink room is not mine. It is my temporary storage spece while I am out of town for the next three weeks. Maybe by the time i come home, our new room with a touch of europinoy will be finished and it is ready for occupation.

I'm thinking of replacing the bed since it is the source of my back pain. My back is aching every time I wake up in the morning as well as my neck. I call it torture. Aargh! It is nice to have a new room but acclimating to it will take time. May it be filled with the essence that filled the old room with the scent of lavender.

07 august 2006
A Dozen Months
Twelve months and counting. Thank you.

Dose ang bilang ng buwan ng buong taon.

Cinco ang bilang ng taong ginugol bilang isang kawani ng isang malaking korporasyon.

Treinta y tres
Treinta y tres ang bilang ng taon mula pagkasilang ng isang kapatid.

10 august 2006
Lakambini Resuscitated
Out of joy, I have created a podcast of poetry after Lakambini has been resuscitated from being ill.

11 august 2006
Never Left the Room
For the past two days, I've been sleeping here in the house by myself while the rest of my housemates were in the other house. You are now in your new room while my room is not built yet. Tonight is my last night in this room and I haven't seen the the faces of my family members. I am packing right now for a journey. Destination--YOU.

27 august 2006
Alaminos, Pangasinan
Are there really 100 islands off the shores of Alaminos City?