As the waters touched these rocks, my rock-filled heart was softened by the waters of truth and compassion.

01 august 99
     Hana's pristine ambiance let me see beauty. Beauty as defined by the Master Creator. The sight of cascading waterfalls brings serenity to the soul and appreciate the songs produced by the falls.

04 august 99
     We see things beyond our sight. We learn from the truth. We gain strength from our weakness. Tomorrow's another day. The flower will bloom. The sun will shine. Live to love.

06 august 99
     It landed like a feather and I picked it up. I knew it from then that destiny has changed its course.

07 august 99
     I remember, my brother becomes a year older. I wish he's here for us to share ideas and work around the house.

10 august 99
     Sitting down...looking at her photograph on the's a breathtaking moment for him. he stands up from his chair then he comes close to her photograph until he realized the sun is already shining through his window. He whispers to the wind...taking the message far across the seas and landing like a feather in the moments of her sleep. -- A Day at the Hill.

     She received the flowers. She just thanked him in the cold and then she was nowhere to be found since then. And he said unto her, "We made things happen. I love you, goodbye."

11 august 99
     The world witnesses the last total solar eclipse of the century. The heart also has its total eclipse. Make it happen.

      We are bound by choices we make every day. Make the right ones when we have to think with our minds or with our hearts or both.

16 august 99


Where art thou?
I searched for thee?
You're nowhere to be found
I am thinking out loud
I hear no echoes
I waited for the wind
I wanted to set my sail
To reach my destiny
The wind never had come
A feather landed
I picked it up
I placed it in my journal
Where I wrote this poem
I shed a tear
And without fear
I wish to make it happen again
The way that you have loved me.

17 august 99

The Flame

Bring this flame I'm giving to you
Don't let it die out
Your love is its only fuel
When you run out of love, the flame dies
Let this flame be eternal.

     Originally written in April 11, 1999. This poem is indeed eternal.

19 august 99

     I do remember the Linggo ng Wika. How surprising to know that Pilipino, the language, faces extinction. When I was in Manila, I had a problem communicating with the people there. I was asked where I came from. They told me, they no longer use those words in the streets of Manila. What can I do? I had to speak with them in the American twang with the fancy accent that I tried to hide. O well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Makihalo. What's important is...communicate.

21 august 99

     It was 1983 when I heard the news of Ninoy being gunned down. He once said, "The Filipino is worth dying for."

     Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere stars. Will a 'runaway bride' find her way here on the Valley Isle? :) I watched this movie today. I had popcorn. I don't know how to compare it with Betty's Popcorn in the Ayala Center especially when layered with butter on two layers.

27 august 99

     The mall is a place to shop. :)

28 august 99

     Bagamat ang buhay ay isang gulong lamang, isa lang ang tanging nakabigkis sa ating pananaw sa buhay. May mga bagay-bagay na dapat nating suriin ang ating nakaraan para makita natin ang ating hinaharap. Minsan lang akong nangarap para malikom ko lahat ang karunungang angkin ng mga may dunong at likas na angking talino. Hihikayatin ko silang ibantayog ang sarili sa lupang kanilang nagtamnan ng kanilang pinag-aralan para sa bayang Perlas ng Silanganan.

     Written about 4 years ago from an inspired thought of being 'macabayan.'

29 august 99

     Paglingap sa Kinabukasan. Instinctive in every man's mind is his nature to tolerate the changes that took place in the chronicles of man in search for his country's plight for serendipity.