Boy Meets Girl
The time when I realized it was you


February 2, 1996

Dear Mayumi,

This is the beginning of a friendship where I have come to realize that in the world of cyberspace...I met a person, a reflection of my being, a woman whose complexity in the heart and soul of a man is as simple as God has created her.

We talked briefly last night and joined in the fun. For the last few days, I wasn't having time for myself. Workaholism engulfed me. I have reached out my hands to the Lord to lift me out of the shackles of sin, nurturing me to become a strong Christian and be a leader and a successful entrepreneur in this information society.

I know your e-mail did not end as if the story is just at the prologue.

My uncle had a Chinese girlfriend and their love bore a beautiful daughter. Despite of that fact, her family made her life in agony. They hid her from my uncle in different parts of the globe. My uncle felt sorry of his demeaning life experience. He can't do anything...he had to let go.

As for me, I was in limbo...I managed to forget everything and start all over again. "Lord, why hath you forsaken me?" I cried out loud. "What have I done to deserve this?"

After I was in that tight corner, I started to pray and I felt His presence. He was also with us that night when you asked us to pray together with Maguinoo.

Having a Christian friend like you paved the way for me to be more confident and open to the burdens of my soul.

Mayumi, thanks for reading this. Meeting you chaged the course of my destiny.

I'm now starting to pick up the shattered pieces of my life the day I met you as a friend with the love of the Lord.