December 2000

01 december 2000
     Friday. I have spent the rest of the day working in my studio. Serenity is blown by the wind. I can just breathe you in. The holiday season has just arrived. The malls are decorated and houses in the neighborhood. I can feel a smile, a happy thought. I want to reach for you now.

02 december 2000
     The morning breeze awakened me. It's my usual weekend trip to the slopes of Mt. Haleakala where I spend the whole day sculpting the landscape. What's awe inspiring is the view of the sunset as I descend late in the afternoon. Last week when I was there, I saw a very spectacular sunset. God painted the sky with His awesome palette of colors. I wish you could see this with me.
     The founding of the Luna Association of Maui has been a historic move by the folks from the town of Luna, La Union, Philippines. I believe that this organization shall set a trend that be followed by other Filipino organizations. Great Filipinos General Antonio Luna and his brother the painter Juan Luna whose mother is from this town are part of this organization because they are leaders in the 19th century whose legacy is still with us. Be proud of being from the town of Luna...because leaders are born here.

03 december 2000
     Good morning. I woke up late. I worked hard at the slopes of the great mountain and I'm still tired. Soothe my aching body if you could and I shall be relaxed. The artist Perahim inspires delight and brings me in his world through his paintings. Surrealistic consciousness revolves in the images he brings in with the dynamic interaction of the elements in the foreground against the background. I wish i could paint - but i am endowed with a different gift to express my artform; be it in literature and in photography.

04 december 2000
     Kaisipan sa papel |
ako'y nasa sakbibi ng aking pag-iisa sa silid na ito ay natatamasa ko ang aking paglingap sa iyong abang kagandahan. Nagigising ako sa aking pag-idlip dahil nadadama ko ang iyong matamis na lipad-halik. Kaaya-aya ang iyong pagdating...naihahaliintulad sa pagdapo ng balahibong galing sa kaitaasan. Masdan mo ang pagsapit ng takipsilim. Ikaw ang liwanag na gagabay sa aking landas. Mapayapa ang aking loob, ibinalik mo ang huni ng buhay kong walang imik. Salamat, ikaw ay biyaya ng Maykapal upang hanguin ako na bigyang saysay ang pusong naninimdiman.

05 december 2000
 The refrigerator broke down yesterday and I miss the cold drink to quench my thirst. A friend of mine came to fix the refrigerator but he advised to have it replaced with a new one rather thatn trying to have it fixed. After everything has settled, we talked for almost the same time as he looked in to the refreigerator. I thought he's gonna bill me for this time, too. I admire his outlook of the future because he learned from the past and now. Because now, he takes every careful step towards his destination. How about you?

     It's almost lunch time. It's two more days before Mom leaves for the Philippines. I wonder how I can make the most of my time while she's not home. I have to tend her garden and sell the veggies in the store. It's funny isn't it? I haven't spend time in the backyard where it used to be my garden. Something I wanted to go back to after seeing the garden up Mt. Haleakala. Gardening is fun because I can see that love is like a seed that you sow into someone's heart. Nurture it with tender loving care and you will reap the fruits of love.

     'But of course I will meet you. There is no reason without you.' - Griffin

08 december 2000
 I've spent most of the day with my mother. She is leaving for the Philippines to spend the holiday season with my father, my brother and his family.

13 december 2000
The darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn.

      Thank you for offering me help. Like you, I feel the sentiments of being confined in the islands where there is no enough room to roam. I have dreams to fulfill. I have other people to reach out in the rest of the world.

18 december 2000
     I'm tired. Please make my bed. I need to rest. Read me a fairy tale book and sing me a song that to caress my soul. Thank you.

25 december 2000
     This is my best Christmas so far. I have received so much blessings from the Lord Almighty. Praise His name. I feel joy in my heart and soul.

31 december 2000
     The end of the old millenium. We have played our life's roles to our best as our Creator have set for us. We move onward to the next millenium to fill our lives with the blessings and challenges of living according to God's plan. Amen.
     When you want something bad enough, all the universe conspires to make it happen.