July 2001
Beach chairs overlooking Lana`i

01 december 2001
While the iron is hot, learn how to strike. This is the truth. Learn how to seize the moment when it is already in front of your face. Carpe diem!

04 december 2001
I've travelled to the Garden Isle once again where I could be enjoying the confinements of serenity. Truly the island's splendor evokes the aura of life.

    A mirror is in front of me. You are the mirror of myself.

08 december 2001
People clothed in their best attires. Faces filled with smiles. A year is in the passing and comes another. We look back. Lives going uphil and downhill. We look forward. Hope.

25 december 2001
Christmas Day.
A gentle breeze landed upon his lips. Those are the words which came forth from her lips. Blown by the wind on Christmas eve. Nine days before, she prayed unceasingly. A gift wrapped by hope and faith is her love she gives to him.

29 december 2001
A posted comment to dirtypopgurl's live journal
     I've been writing at a very tender age. My parents inspired me to write. They read this magazine (Bannawag) in our native dialect and mom used to tell me stories from which she reads from the magazine.I told myself, it would be great to write a story, and tell a story. So in high school, I was assigned as the associate editor in our high school newspaper.

     In college my English teacher said that I should be in the creative writing class because of my writing style. It's so funny, but I took the experience to the next level. Writing is a passion or you could call it an obsession.

      Writing my first journal entry wasn't hard at all. I have been inspired to work on my journal through this TV series Dear Diary in the late 80's in RPN 9. Inspired to write and tell how I feel for someone and not lie to myself. Then the 90's came when I had my first computer and my DOS word processor. Ever heard of WordPerfect? Doogie Howser, M.D., showed me the wonders of information technology and the wonders of the computer as a tool of creativity. Words would churn out naturally like the flow of a stream rushing into the sea.

      Anyway, I often see my English teacher in Starbucks where sometimes, I would write my poetry. I have some poems published by the International Society of Poetry (www.poetry.com). I have also short stories written. One of them is A Day at the Hill which you have read.

      I find great pleasure while waiting for my plane, I start to write from the whispers of my soul. Nick Bantock would agree or Paulo Coelho. Write as if you are talking. Let your heart speak and see them as written words. Inspired from life's peaks and valleys, writing makes the ordinary extraordinary. Write on!

30 december 2001
Do you remember Jose Rizal? Today marks the 105th anniversary of his martyrdom. He wrote the books Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which the Spanish authorities in the Philippines in the latter part of the 19th century considered the book subversive. Today the reforms that Rizal have fostered is set in a different stage. Who are we? Have we defined the true Filipino? Disunited in the sense that we can't even follow our own set of rules to govern ourselves. Love thy country and thy country shall shine once again.

31 december 2001
I will keep writing, so love will reach you.


New year's eve. A lass lits up the fireworks as she welcomes the year 2002. It's also her 12th birthday. What does she wish for? I don't know. Perhaps the fire would light up her path while in the dark. Where do you go from here? You would be starting the new year tomorrow. You will wake up the year is 2002. Don't look back when it was 2001 when the world have seen so much tragedy to man. Live today and each day forth when a child like you will bring forth the joy of tomorrow.

The year ends at 12 midnight. Happy new year! Welcome 2002!