Like the river let it flow it finds its way to the sea--its destiny.

01 december 2002
"Without change something sleeps inside us and seldom wakens. The sleeper must awaken." - Frank Herbert

06 december 2002
At last my Barong Tagalog arrived from I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship. I was so happy that I can wear this with cultural pride on Sunday's party.

Have you found the woman who's going to wear that traje de boda you've been dreaming of that she's going to wear? [chuckles]

08 december 2002
Garbed in the classic Philippine Barong Tagalog while I attend our Christmas party, it was a very delightful event. I was proud to show that aside from wearing a tuxedo, I chose the barong to wear instead. The Filipino has a class of its own.

The party was successful and most of the entertainment was done by Pinoys. It was a tribute to the multicultural diversity of the employees who work in the resort.

09 december 2002
Monday. I wore my blue casual barong at work. It suits well according to comments I got from colleagues.

10 december 2002
"A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort." - Sydney Smith

11 december 2002
"I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it." -Kyle Schmidt

12 december 2002
Wake up and shine with the sun for the day has come for you to meet with the voice on the air. The voice well receive the presence. What do they have in common? It's a question that is left over time...perhaps left to stay there.

13 december 2002
"And when man faces destiny, destiny ends and man comes into his own." - Andre' Malraux, The Voices of Silence

20 december 2002
My vacation started today and I have wished that I could go somewhere perhaps to the mainland and unwind there but I decided to stay in the islands, there's nowhere else to unwind than be in the comforts of my home sweet home. I went out to see the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers at the mall.

21 december 2002
Mom, my sis-in-law, and I attended the birthday party of my Mom's cousin's son. I'm glad to see our other relatives there and be able to talk story.

22 december 2002
I was in the deejay booth joining my friends there. I was given the airtime to greet my friends and colleagues a merry Christmas and a happy new year as well as to discuss the significance of Christmas to the Christian community although not all professing Christians celebrate the event. After the program, I was invited to join the Sinaitenians Christmas party this coming Saturday.

23 december 2002
I joined Tita Cheryl and her family and other family friends in their Christmas dinner. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and of course fed up. Fed up means satisfied palates for your information.

24 december 2002
Imagine two weeks without TV is like having a house without a window. Our old family 27" Sony Trinitron TV died after seven years of faithful service. Now, we welcome our 55" Philips Widescreen HDTV. Whoa! That's huge! It came in time to watch Monday Night Football as if I'm a football fan. [chuckles]

25 december 2002
"Great tidings of the season be upon you. Thank you for being the person who gave regards to my very presence. Though far from my arm's reach, you are within my hold for you define the very meaning of my existence. It's a path that I follow until we finally find ourselves in each other's arms. It's great to hear your voice again. Aloha wau i`a oe."

I miss Christmas in the Philippines where I have longed for a long time. The simbang gabi and the puto bumbong. The parol and the children carolling from house to house, and the presence of friends around me. Of course the inaanaks lining up upon my door. Christmas in the United States is not as great as the one in the Philippines. People flocking the store everyday to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones. That's the Christmas tradition.

It is my honor and privilege to announce the launching of Radio Pinoy, the original Pilipino music radio station on the internet this Christmas Day. This is my gift to the Pinoys worldwide. Use Winamp to tune in to Radio Pinoy. 'Til then!

26 december 2002
Radio Pinoy is at its experimental stage. I've worked on Shoutcast and Peercast server app. Adding songs and voiceovers will be exciting tasks for me.

27 december 2002
Today is the last day of my vacation but I'll be on vacation again next week's Monday. I enjoyed my vacation and have refreshed my mind but I miss work though. I'll be back to work tomorrow.

I went to WalMart to pick up the billiard table that was on layaway with my brother. Am I ready to beat Efren "Bata" Reyes? Billiard is a popular pastime for Pinoys in the Philippines among the young and old. I want to play this game so there are other ways for me to spend my leisure time.

28 december 2002
Early at dawn the phone rang, my cousin Willie from Canada broke the news, a family member passed away in Angono, Rizal on Christmas Day. My cousin Amado's wife Fely suffered a heart attack. The last time I saw her was in June 24-25, 2001 during my Dad's wake. Death is an inevitable foe and it comes like a thief at night. We mourn her passing but we know she will be in good hands in her ascendance in life.

29 december 2002
The day was filled with monotony where solitude is as loud as silence. Bettanie is my pet fish which I got from the pet shop last night. I placed her in my office aquarium and hoping she can acclimate to the water. Watching her, there were no signs of stress. She was playing with the other fish and then I have decided to transfer my old fish back to the pond through a colleague. I left the office with a feeling that she will be alright. I will be having a long week off from work and I am looking forward to a productive and well spent vacation. I wish I could be elsewhere in that moment of time...with you.

30 december 2002
I received bad news from my friend that Bettanie has died in the cold of the night. She was lifeless in the aquarium. I feel sorry of her loss. I thought she would be still living until I come back to work in the weekend. You're right, fishes can't leave the water and breathe the air in the heavens.

Rizal Day. GMA makes the ultimate sacrifice of not seeking for reelection in 2004 for the love of country. It's so appropriate that she have chosen this date to make this announcement in the commemmoration of Dr. Jose Rizal's martyrdom. The Republic of the Philippines, like its islands, is a divided nation.

31 december 2002
New Year's Eve. A farewell moment with the year 2002. Looking back, the year was filled with a lot of memories. There were moments of disappointments as well as moments of jubilation. Everything that happened had its purpose and this will serve as my guiding light in my life's journey.

Funny isn't it? Having a life to live. Life is a gift and one is thankful for it. Live like there is no tomorrow. Did you ever consider taking time to search the purpose of living your life? Remember you were given life to fulfill a purpose towards ascending to the mastery of life.

Let me say something, "The year 2003 is within the grasp of your hands, work with it like clay to sculpt a masterpiece of your life." I have sent this message to a special person in my life perhaps this will inspire you, too.

And the countdown begins...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year. Welcome 2003!