April 2008 - Together we can
If we want to live like no one else later , then we are going to live like no one else now.

1 December 2008
December Morn
Good morning December. The next thirty days of 2008 will be marked with excellence where we can share its blessings despite of the challenges we face. Deep in our soul, we feel this longing and worry not this will bind us more. Just believe.

Recession is here (since December 2007)
Finally, the United States has finally admitted that we are in recession. All of America is feeling this hardship and President-elect Barack Obama inherits this gigantuan problem that hit this country. We have learned from the Great Depression of the 1930s. If we have survived it before, we will survive it again.

I am thankful to God I still have a job and be able to have food to eat, to have a roof on my head, to have a car to drive, to have a phone to make a call. Have a little patience and we will get through this. A wise man once said, "You wouldn't know the meaning of life until you suffer."

2 December 2008
One is different from two. One and one is two. Then how can you rationalize when one and one is ONE?

Love Letters
I love this animated movie. Let's watch it. Press PLAY.

3 December 2008
At Each Exposure
I just got home from my photoshoot at a birthday party. It has been a few months since I have taken photos professionally. My client was very happy that I will be taking photos of the event. It was a special day for his entire family celebrating life. At each exposure captured is a moment they will treasure. The next event will be on the twelfth.

Silence Breaks
The silence has been broken...rejoice.

4 December 2008
The Morning Dew
Good morning world while a group of friends gab about life in general, I was preparing for my daily home to work routine. We haven't talked story and you have a busy day after the sun rises. What makes me feel alive is the joy you bring me. If the shadow that follows you becomes your "guiding light," let my light shine upon it and it will be erased in oblivion. Let us walk hand in hand and will live happily everafter and every challenges and trials that come our way, we will surmount every obstacle with God on our side.

An Artist's Thought
I have no appointment today so I am going straight home from work and continue with my projects pending. I have two slideshows this month. One is for my niece and one for my co-worker. I've been looking for some new crew in my entourage and was able find them. They have the talent and the time to make a living. I also have some photo sessions that are on hold. I am experimenting with lighting and posing. Thanks to my little niece Mingming who is happy to model for me. My friend who lost his job told me that some of his works are hanging in a gallery in Front Street. Friends told me that I should have my works in the gallery. I am a multi-awarded photographer. My works do deserve to have a place in the gallery. I am a photographer.

You'll Take Away The Biggest Part of Me
It would be a moment of sadness and what is life like when the wind no longer sets my sail. When there is no longer a sense of direction.

5 December 2008
Thank you for the happiness you bring and we shall make a home. Thank you for the affirmation.

Gladness Celebrated
I took my best friend to Outbacks todau and broke bread. We celebrated the blessings and the wonders of living until the next day.

6 December 2008
Manny Pacquaio Chomps Oscar de la Hoya
Manny has waved the Philippine flag in a triumphant victory over the legendary Oscar de la Hoya. I'm proud to be a Filipino. A lot has doubted that he will in this fight including me.