The last leaf of autumn

05 february 2000

The Path We Walk
by J.Q. Gonzales

Today is where I start
To travel the path
The golden dragon
Has laid down for me
I tried to keep the flame
From dying out
The wind never ceases
To steal the flame
And have it elsewhere
Lit up in the path
O great feather
Where have you gone
The wind took you away
From mine hand
Perhaps you'll land elsewhere
And become whole again
Then there came autumn
Where the last leaf have fallen
The wind came
Carried the leaf along the path
Landed from mine hand
Enjoying the warmth of the sun
Lifeless, hopeless!
Vibrance came
Life restored
Memories we made
Cherished in our lifetime
The path we walk
Leads to our destiny
To be happy and fullfilled
Where hope have left us

09 february 2000
    Dalisay ang hanging sumisimoy.

11 february 2000
    I've enjoyed the serenity of the ocean and the view of Maui's spectacular sunset as well as the company of people I work with.

14 february 2000
    What's something better than chocolate? :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you. Thank you for remembering me. Wish I could be with you, but I'm just here sitting on my chair writing this entry.

16 february 2000
Parallel universe. - Francoise, The Beach.

17 february 2000
     Hold me in the moonlight until dawn comes again. Touch me with the sweetness of the early morning dew. - Anonymous

25 february 2000
     EDSA aka People Power Revolution. I was in high school, a sophomore back then. Have we freed ourselves really? Our thoughts keeps us's the freedom of thinking that liberates us.

29 february 2000
     Leap year. We passed another supposed Y2K glitch.