January 2001
Cane burning in Maui

07 february 2001
     I have signed up with our local TV station to be trained in producing shows to be broadcasted in cable. Aside from gaining a new skill, I would have a chance to experiment the possibilities of this medium of communication.

     A journey is set to begin. A journey westward. This is my first journey where I usually go eastward where my forefathers came from. In this journey, I shall battle the cold because I have never known how it is to be like in the winter. I have lived in the tropics all my life. And now I'll be facing the inevitable... Let's journey on.

08 February 2001

I slept for two hours before my mother and I left for Honolulu this morning. I know it's hard to plan for a long journey to the west. My dog Muymoy will be missed but I asked my friend to feed him. When I was all ready, my friend dropped us off at Kahului Airport on our way to Honolulu International Airport.

We arrived on time but we missed our flight because Mom and a family friend were taking. I was playing Tetris on my Sony Clie (a palm pilot clone). Gladly, we arrived in Honolulu on time for our Seattle flight in the afternoon.

We had our lunch at the terminal before boarding our 230 pm flight to Seattle, Washington before heading to Alaska in the morning. I was relieved when we're on the air. I sat by the window and I had a chance to take photographs and look at the clouds. My eyes were heavy and I slept.

The flight will be six hours long. When I opened my window, the skies are already dark and I can see the moon. It's so beautiful. I can see the stars shining as if they are looking through my window. I smiled and went back to sleep.

The captain told us we are approaching Seattle. I could see the city lights. I could remember the movie Sleepless In Seattle though I haven't seen it. Perhaps when I get back home to Maui, I'll view it.

We have arrived on time in Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. I have reached the mainland United States at last on my journey westward. Now I can put a pin on the map of the United States. Seattle, is truly a great city as my friend Keith would say specially the summer.

I called up my kabarkada in Seattle that I have already arrived. I called him up this morning before I left for Honolulu. He was very glad to hear from me again. In fact, he's just a mile away from us. He's at work.I'll be seeing him on my way back home.

I called up my brother in Alaska who have arrived earlier. I have asked for directions where to go. The airport is huge. Gladly, I found a map and I have found our way to our connecting flight to Alaska.

My mom and I walked around and took some photographs and finally we found Alaska Airlines' counter. Our flight falls the next day at 830 a.m. We have to spend the night at the airport.

09 February 2001

My mother and I waited patiently for the airline counter to open. There was a group of men waiting for their flight to Juneau. We were waiting for our flight to Ketchikan. I took a nap. My mother took a nap also.

It is really cold in Seattle. I went outside for a few minutes and I felt the cold going through my bones. I haven't experienced this. I went back hurriedly and made myself warm.

Our 830 am flight never made it. Our plane was undergoing maintenance. We didn't leave until 2:45 p.m. I was getting impatient but my mother already was. We boarded Alaska Airlines for Ketchikan, Alaska. It was a two hour flight.

We have finally arrived at Ketchikan International Airport. I called up my brother about our arrival. I could see the snow-capped mountains. I could feel the cold but I no longer feel the shivers.

10 February 2001

My brother's wedding day. It's one of the best moments of his life. I'm very fortunate to witness this day along with my mother. My father and my other brother would be glad to be here, too.

16-19 February 2001

I caught flu here in Alaska and I was bedridden. Even though I was sick I still went out sightseeing with my mom, mybrother, his wife, and her aunt. I enjoyed the scenery. The people are friendly and well mixture of people. I'm gonna miss my new friends.