Feb 2004
I have touched the moon's face

01 feb 2004
Touching the face of the moon
The moon on the eastern horizon with her cosmic beauty rises to greet the evening calm. You may be far but I could touch your face, I could feel the cosmic rays of light shining upon my path.

02 feb 2004
Letting Go
1. Do I love it?
2. Do I need it?
3. Does it support who I am now in my life?
4. Does it act as an environmental affirmation for me?
5. What positive and negative thoughts, memories or emotions do I associate it with?
6. Does it needs to be fixed or replaced soon?
7. If it is time to let go, am I going to sell it, lend it, or give it away and when?
8. If you have time to organize, hire an organizer or ask a friend to help.

Lovers14 feb 2004
Am I worthy to be loved by you?
Did you know this petroglyph has traveled with me to and from the Philippines? My friend etched the petroglyph on a heart-shaped river rock and his wife gave me this as a token of her well wishes on my journey. It may just be a piece of rock but it is worth more than a diamond. It is priceless. Would you rather have this priceless stone or a precious diamond?

The ancient Hawaiians were masters of etching petroglyphs on rocks and in the lava fields to leave their mark in history. Today, this ancient craft is revived to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture in the islands.

A Valentine
Aloha wau i`a oe
I sent this message with the wind
The moment I closed my eyes
And went into deep slumber
As the moon watched me outside my Maui window
To my kuu`ipo far from my reach
That time and space doesn't matter
As long as the binding love we have
Surpasses the rigors of time and space
Where love is the ultimate entity in place
Aloha wau i`a oe kuu`ipo...

15 feb 2004
Mente o cuore?

17 feb 2004
Judging Others
"We must accept people as they are and love them in spite of their faults. We can't expect every person to fit our pattern. When we become overcritical, we make ourselves incapable of helping others. Remembering our own shortcomings, we must accept them as they are with their imperfections. We must not judge people by gossip. We must leave judgment in the hands of God." -Anonymous

18 feb 2004
A Question
Are you capable of loving from the heart?

19 feb 2004
Familial Ties
Watching her with her three children in this little house where I have broken bread with them that evening, I can see how life have touched them with the presence of love. They will experience a transformation and that is no mere coincidence. It is written and they shall reap the rewards of their patience and persistence.

20 feb 2004
City of Pines
Have you ever been to Mine's View Park and saw the wishing well and made a wish? I did. Why? Just for luck. I was there in November of 2003 and been to Shoemart department store. I bought five shirts there because I needed a new set of clothing style when I am back in Maui. The time in Baguio was a family affair. I didn't have a chance to go boating on Burnham Park because the old folks are nagging to go home down to La Union. I met with some friends there who are from Manila and coincidentally was vacationining in Baguio. Anyway, it brought smiles and tears within when someone you've known in years is now occupying real time and space.

Is it valid?
True friendship is not dependent upon the medium of how you met but how strong this friendship that is held on trust, honesty, and love. Do you question the validity of online relationships?

Sociologists are fascinated how the internet have affected our lives. Most of us have established life on the screen. How many of us have assumed different personalities in cyberspace? What is your interface? It's fascinating isn't it?

Required Reading
The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit by Shirley Turkle.

Serendipity. I suggest when watching this movie on DVD, view it with the director's commentary. I just discovered this and came to appreciate our serendipitous encounter.

21 feb 2004
Flowers and Rain
Scentful things of nature while the rain kept it fresh after being picked. You danced under the rain with a flower adoring your ear.

22 feb 2004
Hauoli Lahanau!
To be born in this lifetime is the best moment there is.

I'll try a Vegan diet when I have a chance. I had a great sandwich which I thought it was tuna.

23 feb 2004
The Spirit of EDSA
In 1986, the people walked into the streets to clamor for change and ended the dictatorship. Eighteen years has passed, where did our nation go? Did it fulfill its goals after many administrations? Why do we need change? It is for the better as we say. In 1987, the Constitution was changed to have the President sit only for six years to prevent another dictatorship. We have learned from the past and every time we are no longer satisfied with the leadership, we just go into the streets and drive the one sitting in the Palace. Other nations have emulated us mounting their own people's revolt. What is the 'ultimate' leader my dear Filipinos? In this election year, search yourself and cast your vote of conscience for a better Philippines to capture our nation's lost crowning glory.

24 feb 2004
Ebbing of the Tide
The ocean has been calm and the corals have emerged to feel the atmosphere on the surface. The corals need the ocean back or else they die. What would the ocean do? It shall ask the moon to let go of its gravitational pull of the ocean and then giving back life to the dying corals for they belong to the ocean and not on the surface.

I'm so glad that my boss gave me a hard drive, a whopping 160GB for my workstation at work. My workstation whom I named Cloney is serving me well and he deserves a change.

Symbiotic Relationship
This is found as an example between ants and aphids.

25 feb 2004
How did you come to be? You came to be from the dust from the ground and you were given the breath of life. From there you became a human with the knowledge of good and evil. Do you question your existence? Set apart from the other creatures on this earth, you have the domination over them. You went astray upon discovering that you can be a god. You are like the moth who went so close to the light and your wings got burned. This is a reminder that you are deceived into this belief. Submit yourself to the authority of the Divine One and He shall direct your path.

26 feb 2004
Breathe of Life
Have you ever tried breathing and felt the essence of life? That very breathe has set you apart from the rest of creation.

Required Reading
The Book of Daniel. The Holy Scriptures.

27 feb 2004
Sonnet VIII
by Pablo Neruda

If your eyes were not the color of the moon,
of a day full of clay, and work, and fire,
if even held-in you did not move in agile grace like the air,
if you were not an amber week,

not the yellow moment
when autumn climbs up through the vines;
if you were not that bread the fragrant moon
kneads, sprinkling its flour across the sky,

oh, my dearest, I would not love you so!
But when I hold you I hold everything that is--
sand, time, the tree of the rain,

everything is alive so that I can be alive:
without moving I can see it all:
in your life I see everything that lives.

Inscribed in this leaf is a map of our journey28 feb 2004
Happy Birthday to my buddy Abe.

Thanks for your encouragements and helping me move on.

The Leaf II
"And then the leaf was blown by the wind to reach the palm of your hand. Inscribed in the leaf reads, 'Will you be mine for as long as I live?' And the one holding the leaf whispered a prayer…" -Our Journey

29 feb 2004
The incident at the Kahului Airport caused me to go home late today. The technician that I was waiting for in the morning arrived thirty minutes before I'm done at work. The culprit is a man driving an SUV drove into the open-air ticket counter before 8 a.m. at the airport and causing a standstill. According to the FBI, there's no cause for alarm for fear of terrorist attacks.

I am late at the Oscars. I'm sorry. Blame it on the man who drove a fiery SUV at the airport.