Gripes-In A Fruitlike State
by J.Q. Gonzales

Gripes. I just learned from a co-worker the meaning of this word. I thought it’s a fruit that I can eat.

Gripes? O well, what are we focusing on? Aren’t we in the process of being one body with one vision, one thought, one destiny? It seems to me we are divided. We are divided in our work responsibilities, right? Right! This division I’m talking about is our improper response to every situation that arises.

We are at WAR. We have a battle to win. It’s a question of whose side we are in. It’s a matter of searching our conscience and give the right judgment.

What bothers you is something resident in every human being. Man is a free moral agent and is subject to making errors.

Well, you and I are citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. We need to maintain the image our nation is trying to attain. Otherwise we are all affected and causing our nation an object of ridicule by the world.

Are we losing that burning flame? Are we starting to dim out?


“There is nothing that is politically right that is morally wrong,” a statesman once said.

What is the solution to this grappling gripe? I guess, the answer and solution lies upon us because we have been given the rationality to distinguish what’s not right and what’s not wrong.

By the way, is there a big gap between the government and the governed? What is needed to bridge that gap? You know the answer but are you willing to do it?

All we have to do is COMMUNICATE. Communication is the tool to bring us together. Don’t forget EFFECTIVITY and EFFICIENCY.

To make our problems worse, we have been keeping that steam deep inside us. In geology, trapped steam in the earth’s core will eventually lead to cataclysmic events.

If you have something to gripe about, please bring it to someone who is capable to contain the situation. He/she is that someone who is a pillar of leadership.

Well, if you are not satisfied the way the things are done in our nation, it is important that you bring the matter to the right channels. Please abide by the highest law of the land, the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. There is a process. The rule of law must prevail.

With the right discipline and harmony and synergy of the government and the governed, our nation should reap the blessings of peace and prosperity through the guidance of our Divine Providence.

The source of our opulence and dilemma is attributed to the world around us. But the most important of all is the SELF. Our selves make us.

It is a pleasure to be of help to you and be able to shed light into your greatest worries. The truth shall set you free.