This kitten was found playing at The Kaupo Store on our way to Hana

01 january 2000
The first day of the millennium. Technically, the millennium starts 2001. Let me retrieve yesterday. Memories of terabyte proportions are well kept. There are times when my emotion engine comes at peak. I have learned the programs of life and were all well executed. Thanks to my Creator who made me go through the life on the information highway.

06 january 2000
There's always an end and there's always a beginning. Life is a cycle. We go into a series of lifetimes and our souls make this cycle of living and dying. Destiny is set, we are just reliving the past. Man has misunderstood questions of his existence. In his pursuit of enlightenment, he begins to understand the truth and his humanness and his destiny to ascend into the light.
     In closing, Paramahansa Yonaganda inspires us, "You are the master of the moments of your life."

19 january 2000
I sat back and relaxed. I opened a window of the past while in deep meditation.

27 january 2000
     Friends for life. If only I could express just how much your presence has enriched my existence. - Anonymous.