July 2001
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01 january 2002
It's the year 2002. The year of twogetherness. A wise Englishwoman once said, "Always remember that two points determine a line and when you add another point, it becomes a triangle."

02 january 2002
The book, Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro, has arrived through the mail. It's one of the best books written for Apple's Final Cut Pro. With the power of the Powermac G4 with Velocity Engine, I can churn out edited scenes for a final video production. I have edited the raw footage of our Christmas party on iMovie 2. It's not as powerful as Final Cut Pro. I've read in the book Final Cut Pro was originally from Macromedia and they sold it to Apple.
     Who's signing up to my first feature length movie? Any takers?

03 january 2002
During the period when the wanderer was practicing Zen meditation, his master, one day went to one corner of the dojo (the site where his disciples congregated), and returned with a bamboo switch. Some of his students -- those who had not been able to concentrate well -- raised their hand. The master approached each of them and delivered three blows with the switch on each shoulder.
      When he saw this for the first time, the wanderer regarded it as medieval and absurd. Later, he understood that it is often necessary to transfer spiritual pain to the physical plane in order to perceive the evil that it creates. On the road to Santiago, he had learned an exercise that involved the digging of the nail of his index finger into the skin of his thumb whenever he had thoughts that were critical of himself.
      The terrible consequences of negative thoughts are perceived only much later. But by allowing such thoughts to manifest themselves as physical pain, we are able to understand the damage they cause. And then we are able to banish them. - Paulo Coelho, Maktub

04 january 2002
Happy birthday to you. I wish for you that you reach your destined path. You have dreams to fulfill. I could hear your voice in gladness. Let's enjoy the day.
     I have watched the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring today. It's an adaptation in film of the literary work of J.R.R. Tolkien. I could say that this movie is one of the best I've seen. It opens our understanding of our own destiny. Why things must happen. I recommend this movie for you to watch. Better yet, read the book. There are two more movies to come because the movie did not end yet.

05 january 2002
I bought the book Lord of the Rings, all three books in one volume. I haven't cracked the book. I'll be reading it in maybe several months later.

06 january 2002
Happy birthday Mom. You're simply the best! I want to thank you for bringing me into this world to experience life and enrich it.

07 january 2002
The master says: "My dear fellow, I have to tell you something that you perhaps don't know. I have been thinking about how to make this news less difficult to hear -- how to paint it in brighter colors, add to it promises of Paradise, visions of the Absolute, provide esoteric explanations -- but they do not apply. "Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself. I have to be blunt, and I assure you, I am absolutely certain of what I'm telling you. It is an infallible prediction, without any doubt whatsoever. "It's the following: you are going to die.
     "It may be tomorrow or fifty years from now, but -- sooner or later --you are going to die. Even if you would rather not. Even if you have other plans. "Think carefully about what you are going to do today. And tomorrow. And with the rest of your life. - Paulo Coelho, Maktub

08 january 2002
Deep in his heart and soul is his concern over his nation. Too much strife and confusion.

09 january 2002
Sometimes I wonder how we move on with our lives as each day passes by. Others say they are bored with life. What is that essential ingredient of life that makes us live?

10 january 2002
After his father's demise, he has finally arrived to the place where he was born. Starting to live a new life and learn again. Today is where everything shall start the realisation of his dreams. He should be aware of the constant distractions that hampers him from getting there. There are other people who looks up to him, he bears the light and guide them through darkness. Look back? Don't because that was yesterday-look forth and you'll see the rising of the sun upon the horizon. Be inspired young man.

11 january 2002
Do you know what inspires me? It's life.

12 january 2002
We didn't happen as a result of an accident but we happened for a purpose. I sometimes think of this while I lie down in bed. In this existence, we are bound by the divine rules and man's rule as permitted by the Divine.

13 january 2002

The colour of expression, of speaking our truth, of communicating both with the Spirit and all other beings throughout the Universe. Blue is the colour of the sky and the saying " The sky's the limit" meaning nothing is impossible for us to achieve when we believe in ourselves and the Love of the Universe. Who has not felt uplifted on a bright sunny morning, the sky a brilliant blue or fallen in love with a deep pool of water, it's rich blue colour making us feel at peace and at one with the Universe? Blue soothes and releases stress. It empowers us to make clearer decisions and to gain clarity on our next step in life. What we speak of creates our reality for the very action of our words travelling out through space and time impacts in a very physical way all matter that forms the Universe. As a colour essence, Blue helps us to remember to only speak of that which we desire to experience and to release any spoken negativity that may keep our goals from coming to fruition. It also clears the throat chakra and helps to dispel fear. We feel more empowered to speak our truth and to stand tall in it. - Morning Star, The Magic of Colour

Is your birthday day 6 of the month?

Your Life

You are generous with people in need, sometimes to an extreme that people find you nosey. Your hidden courage and dedication often surprise others. Your imagination is extremely unique.

Your Love

Your love life is on the smooth track because it grows from friendship. Although you may not make a sweet lover but your sincerity bring happiness to your couple.

14 january 2002
I'm not feeling well. Thank you for wishing me well.

15 january 2002
Still, I'm not feeling well but I'm recovering already. Thanks to my Healer.

16 january 2002
"...And if we obey God, we must disobey ourselves; and it is in this disobeying ourselves, wherein the hardness of obeying God consists." - from the pages of the great classic Moby Dick

17 january 2002
This house needs attention for it to be a home.

18 january 2002
Maui Ocean CenterHave you ever experienced what it's like under the sea? Maui Ocean Center shows off Hawaii's endemic flora and fauna in its huge aquarium. The sights and sounds are astonishing. There you can see various species of the so-called paoican and the pagui. Have you seen the pating in its deep lair? Hindi po lahat ng pating ay mapanganib sa tao. Nakakatakot ang magswimming baka sabihin mo. Pero, pag napag-aralan mo ang ocean ecosystem mauunawaan mo ang role mo bilang tagapag-alaga ng ating karagatan. Meron ka ring makikitang mga bangus at porong. Ang wala doon ay mga live dolphins at whales pero well represented naman sila doon. Kasi dito sa Maui matatagpuan mo sila pag nagboating ka sa dagat. Kaya pag may panahon kayo, iniimbita ko kayo sa Maui para maranasan niyo ang kakaibang pananaw ng buhay isla.

19 january 2002
Alam mo ba? Ahh hindi mo pa alam. Hehehehe. Anyway, Kasalukuyan akong nagsisiyasat ng maaari nating pagkakaabalahan ng panahon para mabigyan natin ng saysay ang panahon ng mga ibang tao. Di ko nga alam kung ano ito kaya nga nagsisiyasat ako. Gets mo ba?

20 january 2002
Let me think. It has been a year since Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has been installed as President of the Republic of the Philippines. Any changes? Ba't ako kasali dito sa pagmamatyag? Kaya lang ang ating tinutugon ay ang sambayanang Pilipino. Natupad ba ang mga pangako ng Pangulo para sa masa? May pagbabago naman kasi noon pag dumadating ako ng Manila binabayaran ko ang pushcart sa NAIA ng isang doliar at nang naupo na siya'y libre na ang pushcart sa NAIA. Salamat Ate Glo sa libreng pushcart. Sana malinis po ninyo ang sistema. Please do your work exceedingly and look at the interest of the nation. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

22 january 2002
My hobbit name is Olo Bolger. Discover yours.

23 january 2002
The best way of escaping reality is making reality unreal.

24 january 2002
I'm in Honolulu today working sa Corporate HQ namin sa Waikiki. Iilan lang ang turista dulot ng 911. Yeah I know, the airport security is tough. Shoes are now going through X-ray machines. Tinitingnan yata kung may alipunga ang paa ng mga tao. Anyway, naenjoy ko ang stay ko doon. I talked to my uncle to meet with him after my work. Nagkita nga kami at ipinakilala sa akin ang kanyang sinta. We had our dinner sa Ala Moana Shopping Center. Tapos nagstroll na kami sa mall and then we went to Circuit City at tumingin-tingin ng pwedeng bilhin. Tapos nagdrop-by kami sa apartment niya, where I relaxed a bit. A friend of mine came to say hello. Pagkatapos ay nagpahatid na ako sa Sheraton to meet my old friends online to join them at the bar. I was glad to see them again. May nag-asawa na sa kanila. I'm happy for them. Nagpahatid na lang ako sa hotel ko pagkatapos. Enjoy na enjoy ko ang time ko sa Honolulu. Namimiss kita.

25 january 2002
I came home from Honolulu. Glad to be back na. My friend picked me up from the airport. Naglunch kami at nagkakwentuhan. Excited na kami para sa activity namin bukas sa Computer Swapmeet. Sigurong marami kaming makukulimbat na mga computer parts at mga equipment para magamit at maipadala sa Pilipinas. Kailangan ko ng floppy drive para sa isang computer ko.

26 january 2002
Alas dies y media. Sama-sama na kaming lumuwas para sa Computer Swapmeet. Wow, dami talagang mga computer equipment. Nakakuha ako ng maraming equipment para sa studio ko. May fax machine, Mac SE, Epson Stylus at iba pa. Sana buwan-buwan ito para marami akong marerefurbish na mga computers para maidonar sa Pilipinas lalo na sa elementary school namin. Ginoong Bill Gates kailangan ko ng MS DOS version 3.1. Meron ka ba?

     Bumili pala kami ng kapatid ko ng cel fon. Salamat at ang GSM ay nakarating na rin sa U.S. Makakapagtext na rin kami sa aming mga textmates sa Pilipinas at iba pang sulok ng mundo.

27 january 2002
I drove the car to work and the vibe is bad. What is this energy that is enveloping it? I can't explain. My truck was used by my brother to accompany our mother to buy some tiles for a home improvement project.

28 january 2002
You're leaving today to go to a land outside your own. I know you'll have your peace over there and we can talk. Keep the faith and be strong. I love you.

29 january 2002
Dodge Neon 2000It was a record rain for Kahului, Maui since 1963. A motorist was on its way home after dropping off colleages when work was suspended due to the inclement weather. Visibility was a safety issue, as the vehicle turned left into a less busy portion of the highway suddenly heard a loud bang, the airbags deployed and saved a life. Accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Suffering is allowed in order for us to focus on the meaning of life. Sometimes these are signs that we change our direction and focus on the other cares in life. Changes...it's the greatest constant.

    To our loving Creator, we give thanks for saving the lives of the people involved in this accident. God saved my mother.

30 january 2002
In the moments of silence. Looking at the mirror. A morning calm. A mother in pain. Battling with the bitterness and gain the strength of faith and the power of prayer--a constant communication with the Creator. In moments like these, faith in God's glory banishes the inner workings of being weak.

31 january 2002
He's looking for work to give the essence of a father to a child, of a husband to a wife. The soul provider to the family to become a pillar of strength. He is empowered to lead and shelter his family in times of foul weather. The raging storm abates and comes the glory of a morning sun.