01 july 2000
     I love you. Please notice I'm choosing reassuring thoughts. - Griffin

02 july 2000
     An angel visited me in the serenity of my sleep. Upon her face is a smile aglow and when she left, a feather as white as the snow flew and dropped upon my hand.

03 july 2000
     And I danced and danced in my room until I the beat of Vengaboys.

      The Patriot brings every American to define liberty, as well as the rest of humanity. Oppression from tyranny brings the people to bear arms to protect and uphold their rights of living in liberty. Watch the movie.

04 july 2000
     As the skies lit up with the display of fireworks it came into my being that freedom is the liberation from the bondage of enslavement in any form. Fly, fly, fly o great eagle. Your golden cage has been opened that you would reign the sky again. Enjoy your freedom free from pain free again. Seek your destined path.

     I have watched the movie, The Perfect Storm. It's about man challenging the Laws of Nature.

05 july 2000
     Could it be true that two points determine a line? Or is it true when you have a piece of string and tie both ends you'll end in a loop?

06 july 2000
     I am of the islands, yet I am from elsewhere. I have always craved a closeness that I could not find here. Now I feel it with you. - Sabine

07 july 2000
     It's 6 am. I played Coco Lee's Cantonese song Reflection (theme of Mulan). I can feel the cold breeze coming through my window as I see the sun rising in great beauty. My dog got tangled by his leash and crying for help. I went down and untangled my beloved dog. Upon seeing me with his high spirit, it brought me a smile. He appreciated me with his licking. And now he is running free in my yard. Good morning world!

      I have finished reading the first book of the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy and I'm on to the next book. Griffin is missing in his studio. The postcards and letters were found pinned to the ceiling. What happened to him is what I have to find out in the next book.

      Peaceful in thy sleep...snuggling your pillow as the cold breeze from the monsoon rain travels through your window...a melody, a song upon your soul. Born free. La vie de phase pleinement!

08 july 2000
     God gave me you to show me what's real. There's more to life than just how I feel. And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes and all that I live for though I didn't know why. Now I do, 'cause God gave me you. - Brian White, God Gave Me You

      It's now late in the evening. I cracked a book. Reading Sabine's Notebook while listening to the sound of Coco Lee and Utada Hikaru and eating salted pakwan seeds. I could feel the night air coming through my window into my room and reminisce the thought of you. Good night...

09 july 2000
     It's early in the afternoon. Mom's car is in the shop and she calls for a ride to take them to the grocery store. I planned to go out to the races. I hope I still have time. I'm bringing my book to read, The Golden Mean, where the story concludes.

    Serenity. Birds are singing. I close my eyes. I see you.

10 july 2000
    If you want something bad enough, the universe will conspire to make it happen. - Paulo Coelho

11 july 2000
The sky this morning was so beautiful. Have I seen your face amongst the clouds?

     I have finished reading the book Griffin and Sabine Trilogy, The reader is left with the question what happened to Griffin and Sabine. It's a remarkable work of art with its fine imagery and creative imagination. Buy the book.

12 july 2000
Good morning Mother Nature! It's good to see you bring forth the vibrance of Life and the perfectness of your Beauty. O great Heavens, shower me with your rain upon my body and soul. Immerse me with your comforting touch. Give me wings so I can fly and traverse the world to paint it with the colors of the rainbow to make this gloomy world in bloom.

    Focus on your inner strength. Harness your weakness and enrich it with positivity. I'm always there. Don't let life's hurdles wear you down. They make you stronger. Live on and be loved.

13 july 2000
    The Archipelago of St. Lazarus as it used to be called is in turmoil. Great minds of great magnitude come to the surface and offer a solution to peace and order. Destruction and misery are in their ways and the way of peace have they not known.

14 july 2000
Je crois en vous. I believe in you.

15 july 2000
    Morning calm. Morning sun shine upon me. Amongst the crowd of maidens in the horse drawn carriage, a glance, a stance. Heaven's rain poured upon him. Drenched in the cold...seeking warmth. Seeking shelter. A warm embrace. Then the stage is set...Act one. Perhaps a role one must play in this world's stage.

    Villains and heroes they come forth. Could it be regarded as a mirage? A passing of time? A passing of the season? Indeed one must see this when the answer is in between their eyes when one don't know one's purpose in life.

     Enigmatic? An expanse mind and the emotional soul...brave through the abyss of uncertainty. Seek for understanding and the wisdom of the Omnipotent One.

16 july 2000

Photo by F. S penak    

And the moon met with the sun. I did believe. I went forth and looked upon the face of the moon. Your face shining upon me and indeed it is true that when you really do want something bad enough, the universe will conspire to make things happen. Full woman, fleshly apple, hot moon.

17 july 2000
    He taught her how to live. She taught him how to love.

18 july 2000
    Have you ever met the person you can't live without?

19 july 2000
    Driving a new car feels so good. Pero sa mom ko ang kotse. Nahirang akong tsuper. Hatid-sundo. I really miss my sasakyan. Nasira noong Lunes. I noticed ang problema nito nang nihatid ko ang nanay ko sa trabaho. Sana makumpuni kaagad. Everyday katabi ng tsekot pag punta ko ng work. Kinunan ko ng larawan sa harap at likod nilang magkatabi. Pareho ang kulay nila na parang prutas ng cranberry. Sarap lamutakin. I'm still breaking it in, e. Sino ang gustong maging pasahero?

20 july 2000
    I opened the next page and I saw the leaf you gave me. I hope everything is well with you.

21 july 2000
    I had a chance to see the setting of the sun. I wrote a letter.

22 july 2000
    There are signs everywhere to help you find your way.

23 july 2000
     Keep your focus o great child. Look beyond the horizon and tell me what do you see.

24 july 2000
     The SONA says of the future and not of the past. A nation crying out like a child hungry for nourishment. Like a mother, you should feed your child and rear him and nurture him to shine into the light and become a beacon to all nations. Let him grow with a bright future and instill in his being an opportunity that will lead him to live a happy life. You are his mother, be as one.

25 july 2000
The first Concorde crash in history. Erap is in the United States-his first official visit.

     You were hurled into this majestic place enjoying the beauty of multihued sunset. This is where I wrote my letter to you.

26 july 2000
     Have you enjoyed your special day? And if my presence is ever there, let me make you a wish... There you have it. Happy birthday.

27 july 2000
     Truly, I enjoyed your presence in the island. I enjoyed the kids' playfulness. Now that you are leaving for home I impart you my blessings on a safe trip. Surely, I'll be there to see you. It feels like family. Thank you...

28 july 2000

Hurricane Daniel (Hurricane Kim locally) is heading to the islands. Be on the alert. Remember the last time. That was September 11, 1992 when Hurricane Iniki flattened the island of Kauai. Pray that you won't experience the inevitable. Are we heading on to the perfect storm? Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper. Proverbs 6:6 tells us to go to the ant, consider her ways, and be wise.

29 july 2000
The centipedes are coming out of their habitable quarters. Why are they out? It's in response to this storm coming to the islands.

30 july 2000
Life is the greatest gift given to humanity, it enables us to love.

31 july 2000
Hurricane Daniel didn't touch the islands. The islanders are glad of this miracle. I saw a glorious sunset and thanked God and to those who prayed for our safety.