July 2001

01 jul 2001
Did you know how much I appreciate you doing this for us? I wish to reciprocate. You're that 'somebody unique.'

    In every moment with you, you showered me every ounce of tenderness. You have shown me much of your world. My world is vast but you can see how simple it is. My appreciation towards you is unfathomable.

02 jul 2001
Would you have said, "Bring yourself home to me and I will immerse you in every ounce of tenderness I possess?" Your eyes have words to say. Did you want me to stay? I left my essence and you shall feel my presence because you have caused me see things in a different light. I have loved you in every manner that my imagination could contrive. I have found completion.

03 jul 2001
This world we live in is a maze. Mysterious and enchanting. Our lives revolve around the forces that affect ours. Mirages occur to deceive our senses. We follow a path towards a destination. We always know we take detours in our life's journey but eventually it will take us there--destiny. These detours can be short or long stretches of life's realities. We think we are already there or we already possess the right things for us only to realise it is temporal. That's why we move on and find completion. - J.Q. Gonzales, Tadhana-If you believe in destiny

04 jul 2001
Thank you for taking care of the fish.

10 july 2001
An excerpt from the song Halaga by Parokya ni Edgar

Umiiyak ka na naman
Langya talaga, wala ka bang ibang alam
Namumugtong mga mata
Kailan pa ba kaya ikaw magsasawa
Sa problema na iyong pinapasan
Hatid sayo ng bf mong hindi mo maintindihan

13 july 2001
Why couldn't they fix your car? Maybe it will be fixed in its own timing as the Hand has scheduled it. You have prior tasks to finish.

    I didn't know my silk shirt had a tear in the back. Could it be a sign that it's not the right job for me to get into? This prompts me to keep on the search for a better opportunities out there. I follow my intuition it is the voice of truth. Thank you.

14 july 2001
She's not feeling well. She's been working hard and well dedicated to her heart's passion. He wishes he could be there to take care of her and heal her with his touch. He hoped his voice healed her. Set apart by the great ocean, they long for each other's presence. When they have found each other, their lives have changed. Their search is over.

18 july 2001
Thank you for that fancy dinner that you promised me overlooking that ocean and the sunset. We were here two yers ago where I made a wish. This time I'm making another wish. It's gonna come true. You have blessed my wish. I really appreciate it. Our soulmates await us. Have they found us? Thank you for your friendship and the wisdom you share.

     Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within is an animated movie done entirely with computers. So much realism.

21 july 2001
Maysa nga Daniw.
Awan pinnakaddaan kinunam. Makita kadagidi matam liday nga ik-ikutam. Apagdarikmat nga kanito nga inta nagrinnanudan. Ragsak nga awan sarday inta natakuatan. Saankan nga agliday manipud itan. Ta ti pusok inkan matagikuan. Iti panagsublik agdennata a duan.

22 july 2001
Cast all your cares upon me says the Lord and I will take care of you. Inspiring and true. Thank you for caring for me dear Lord. No matter what happens in this journey my life is centered to you.

     Adversities in life is part of the journey. They guide us or detract us to our destination. Our faith makes us strong. We believe in the Hand that has written our life's journey. Serenity be with us. Life is a dance. Music fills our soul. Journey within.

23 july 2001
I put my trust into your leadership. The nations that makes up the state are in grieving. Our enemies are our ownselves. Dear Filipino don't despair. I grieve when you grieve. We are in the state of chaos we don't know who turn to. Why are we in disunity? If I can't bear your grievances, I can't do it alone. We are one people. Let's be one to make this nation rise from its downfall. Dear Filipino cast aside your selfish interests, cast aside your crab mentality, cast aside your traditional differences. Live in our forefathers desire to make this nation great. We are one people with one God. Don't fail the Filipino people. Bring them at par to the great nations of this world. Forgiveness heals the illness of society. It's the universal law. -- A view to the SONA

24 july 2001
The moment of truth. I was given the test of my skills and knowledge of the subject of information technology. When you believe, everything happens to your own benefit. Thank you for making it happen. Maktub!

25 july 2001
Thank you for calling me. It was a surprise. You made me glad and thank you for believing in me. I can feel your joy. Thank you for congratulating me. Let's celebrate. I know how much you wish for us to be together. Everything has its own season. Be glad. I assure you of tomorrow's bliss. I love you.

26 july 2001
I want to thank you for your support and trust in me. I will assure you that I will serve the ideals of this establishment. Thank you.

27 july 2001
It's Aloha Friday. A friend knocks on my door. My good old friend is here giving me an invitation to his family's welcome to Hawaii party. Someday, I believe that she would come with me and we start a family here. Whatever the universe conspires to do, it has been written. Maktub! I wish you've watched Tomb Raider with me.

28 july 2001
I spent the day with my friend fixing his computer and I enjoyed every bit of work because this is what I like best. I fixed his computer and voila he's happy. He's a good friend of mine and we shared some funky ideas about entrepreneuship. Someday, we'll be those entrepreneurs in flying colors. Hahahahaha. Nothing is impossible. Believe!

     I wish I could be present in your wedding but I know in your thoughts I'm there making that wish for your darling cousin. I wish you happiness and prosperity.

29 july 2001
I decided to watch four movies today at the theaters in this order Planet of the Apes, America's Sweethearts, Jurassic Park, and Kiss of the Dragon. I liked them all but the best one for me is The Planet of the Apes. I couldn't imagine when apes is higher in the chain.

30 july 2001
The best things in life comes from things you believe in. With your belief, you reap its rewards.

     Have you watched the movie Swordfish? I have watched it today.

31 july 2001
Indeed, if you think luck comes, it does but if you are in disbelief, it won't get to you. Luck is predetermined. We call it destiny. God works in mysterious ways my friend. Just believe.