July 2007 - A moment to reminisce
This is paradise in the designer's eyes.

04 July 2007
Filpino-American Friendship Day
This holiday is already abolished by Act of Congress in the Republic of the Philippines.

05 July 2007
Back in Kauai
After more than a year, I am going back to Kauai on a working vacation. A colleague there is on vacation so I was filling up for him.. Excited? Maybe I am or I am not. I got my Macbook Pro and Canon photo gear with me so I can do my photography there. Anyway, I was hoping to see old friends and be able to go back to Waimea Canyon and shoot some photos of the canyon. My flight from Oahu to Kauai was thirty minutes late. I got there at 1130am instead of 1030 am. I got to Lihue and picked up my car at AVIS and drove to Taco Bell to pick up some food and then I headed to Poipu. As expected, my co-workers there were happy to see me again. Anyway, I am back here again in the Garden Isle.

More Than Meets The Eye
After work, I went to see the movie, Transformers. Great movie.

12 July 2007
Premiere Night
Nervous and excited,I got all my gear ready for my first slide show this year. This is at Maui Beach Hotel's Red Dragon Ballroom. It was for my uncle's son. I got my camera gear with me, too so I can take photos of what is happening at the party. When the slideshow started I went to the corner and watched. People watched seriously and laughing as well. The show received a big round of applause. I'm happy to have the slide show engage the audience.