This rock has been carved out by the waves. Like life, as the waves of trials beset us as our lives are hewn to bear shape and stand by the harshness of the elements.

01 june 2000
As part of growing up, we are besetted with a lot of hurdles that will hinder our goals. But as far as I am concerned, I bet you, we deserve to achieve our goals in any way way that we can think about. Always keep in mind that we will harness the power of our will, our will to succeed in achieving our goals.

    Life has full of sufferrings and everybody encounter them. Make life the most of it by becoming mindful of our environment. As Buddha said, "The only way to achive true happiness is the denial of material possessions by not becoming obsessed of acquiring them."

     Make a habit to meditate everyday.

02 june 2000
Instill in yourself that you are destined to do something for humanity.

03 june 2000
The wind brought the message. An ionaspheric experience.

04 june 2000
It's a Sunday and my eyes were looking through the window with the blinds partly shut. The morning always brings a smile for it is a new is a blossoming flower. Scentful, beauteuos...

05 june 2000
Mondays...the workweek starts on this day. Exert creativity and positivity! Thank someone for his/her presence in your life.

06 june 2000
      Lying down in bed and looking out at the window where I see the luminescence of the bright night skies littered with stars, I made a wish. A wish that is meant for me. And then I went adrift in the calmness of the night...

07 june 2000
I plant this seed of love in you and I let it grow, I nurture it, I take care of it, and you plant this seed in my heart, you let it grow, you nurture it, you take care of it....

08 june 2000
Je m'ennuie de vous. I miss you.

09 june 2000
     Sing. The beauty is the song. Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want in your life. Use your body. Dance. Do not read beauty magazines, they will make you feel more ugly. Friends come and go. Hold on to the precious few. Respect your elders. Don't mess too much with your hair. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Trust me, use sunscreen. - From the Sunscreen Song

10 june 2000
     As a man matures, I believe he becomes confronted with the issue of how he will spend the rest of his life and whether there is someone who completes his life. Destiny was written as an optimistic statement about the possibility of finding the perfect soul-mate. - Kenny Lattimore

The movie Gladiator was a very fine movie. For the glory of Rome, Maximus laid down his life. An uncorrupted leader. A general. A slave. The story is a fiction but it gives us a perspective of how Ancient Rome looked like in its glory days.

11 june 2000
     Inspired. Focused. Driven by perfection and innovation. Positivity.

12 june 2000
     Unfurl the flag of freedom what our forefathers have lived and died for. Peace in Mindanao, make it happen.

13 june 2000
     We the wandering poets explored the world, at every door life received us, we took part in the earthly struggle. What was our victory? A book, abook full of human touches, of shirts, a book without loneliness, with men and tools, a book is victory. - Pablo Neruda, Ode to the Book (II)

14 june 2000
     I'm thankful that working on an Apple Powermac G4 really whirls out efficiency in executing tasks. Thank you. :) I'm still deciding on get

ting a notebook computer...should it be a Powerbook or a VAIO?

15 june 2000
     Smile deep within and feel what draws you near...

16 june 2000
     At last it's a Friday...[takes a deep breath]. Party on!

17 june 2000
     Silence deepens.

18 june 2000
     Dad. I'm grateful that you brought forth your children to fulfill their lives.

      I enjoyed my day today with my Tita and her cute son. We watched Shanghai Noon and after the movie we played at the entertainment center in the mall. Video arcades and air hockey.

19 june 2000

     What do you think about car racing? I'm getting into car racing. I have the need for speed. I have my eye on a car to friends and I have decided to get into this sport and have a taste of adrenalin rush...

20 june 2000
     We have an early morning's great to put minds together with the company of friends in meeting goals and objectives.

21 june 2000
     Summer has come. The warmth that you kept on missing on winter days.

22 june 2000
     Perhaps you can tell me why there is a reason for everything that happens around us. Or they are just mere coincidences?

23 june 2000
     History may repeat itself but it happens because the second time it is a better one.

      I attended my friend's sisters' graduation party. Danced a few steps but I didn't give all I got. It was a great to be out and explore what's out there.

24 june 2000
     Pista ng Maynila. Get drenched in water!

      And the wisdom gained brought the wind and set the course of destiny. Trekking the uncharted waters of life. O wind, abandon not my ship's sail. Bring me there.

25 june 2000
      The morning was greeted by the rising of the sun. Smile o beauty for you hast made thy life flourish through the ages. In your journeys, you came in and out of people's lives...with finite boundaries with infinite reach.

      On your mark, ready, get set, go! And off the cars in the track racing to the finish line. Vrooom, vroom! Adrenaline is rushing! Speed, pedal to the metal!

26 june 2000

    "Why not try to view the next stage of your journey as a transition? Choose reassuring thoughts. Remember, I'm holding the string end and won't allow you to disapear into oblivion.." - Sabine

27 june 2000

     My vehicle failed to start today...when I went to work. This happened again last year. Sometimes, I don't trust mechanics, they make sure they make money again a year later. My friend taught me a little troubleshooting today.

28 june 2000

     From a fortune cookie years ago. Will someone explain these numbers? Can these numbers be a winning lottery number?

29 june 2000

     Indeed, the very existence of man has become a puzzle in his own mind.

30 june 2000

     In synchronicity. Our hearts beat as one. Our thoughts as one. And we dance as the stars in the nightsky illuminate our path towards a new day.