April 2001
A hotel secluded among the palm trees.

01 jun 2001
Pasensya na folks. Mag-entry ako pagbalik ko ng bakasyon ko kasi ini-eenjoy ko muna ang fun-filled moments. Hehehehehehe.

05 jun 2001

And a child is born today to live an earhtly life. He must live the toils of living and be worthy to receive the gift from his Creator. As he grow he learns more about life. He shall learn to define the meaning of life. He finds love in everything he do. He dedicates his time exploring his world and acquire knowledge and wisdom. He shall seek for his Personal Legend. He shall be a loving son to his father and mother. He shall excel in the academe and be endowed with greatness. Grow with the love of God because you are God's child. You are a winner!

To his parents, love your son. Let him grow with your teneder loving care. Shower him with your love. He shall be a great man. That's his destiny.

I'm filled with joy, you are born. "May pakiusap ako. Pwede kang maging ring bearer ka sa kasal ko. Please naman, o. Meron nang flower girls."

10 jun 2001

So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

11 jun 2001

I'm going home. Uncertain of what is beyond the horizon. I'm ready to start things new as once told by the oracle. I'm moving forward with new hopes and dreams and never forgetting the people behind me.

When I will come back, I am renewed, replenished, rejuvenated. I am filled with the happiness of living because I am loved. Thank you.

15 jun 2001

My DadSoon it will be Father's Day after two days. My father missed that special day when his children would celebrate with their father.

Dad, I just left our home last Monday for Maui. Why didn't you tell me you are leaving forever? I shed a tear when I bade goodbye and said I'm going back to Hawaii where I was born. You told me to work hard like what you did when you were here. Dad, you are someone I look up to. The values you have instilled in us together with Mom. You nurtured us to become good children of yours.

I remember when we were kids, we take a bath together with two brothers. We were one such happy family. I cried when I saw a videotape of us in the dining room when we were whole again.

I can feel your loneliness. When I left for Maui to pursue my career goals. Mom came with me and she found work. I know it's not easy to cope up with the loneliness. I wish I didn't come back to America where they say it's teeming with milk and honey. We should have been one great happy family. But I made a choice. It's my fault Dad. You should not have let me. It's too late. It's too late.

For almost thirteen years, you endured. I can feel that longing deep inside your soul. Life is not that easy, I know. When your wife and son is far, far away following their Personal Legend. It must have been written in the Soul of the World and there it will stay forever.

Dad, in everything I do, I always remember you. I shall name my son after you but not when I'm 65. I should have asked you why you married at that age. Have you ever loved someone so bad? When you met my Mom, your eyes were glowing. Maybe, your heartache was over. You finally met the one. Did you also believe that the entire universe conspired to help you find her. That's why Dad, I believe in you. Your love brought forth three adorable boys. They grew up with your ideals and learned about life. Life is a gift and we cherish it because we are filled with love by you, by Mom, by our friends, and by God.

You didn't leave us Dad, you just went on a journey and took a long sabbatical that is overdue. When you come back we'll be whole again. We love you. We will live by your legacy. God be with you on your journey. You're with us forever.

16 jun 2001

Thank you for your kind words of sympathy, generous offerings, beautiful flowers and most of all for the warmth and kindness you are showing us in our bereavement.

17 jun 2001

Father's Day. I love you Dad. You made me proud of you. For your existence gave me a reason to live and be filled with love and bliss. I seek my Personal Legend and every person's life I touch shall be blessed because I am endowed with life. I know my life's purpose. You gave me the meaning of life. Life is love. Love makes us live. It is the very essence of this universe. The universe have conspired to make things happen. I shall live my life for humanity's ascendance to the Divine. I dedicate this day to you. You have completed the circle of life. Continue guiding me Father of mine.

Quote. "Never pray for an easier life,pray to be a stronger person.Never pray a task equal to your power but for power equal to your task." - Maffi

18 jun 2001

Mother and I are leaving for Manila. So much hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. We set a new journey in our lives. Strengthened by the very presence of a husband and a father even after death, life has a new beginning. I understand our existence. Life is a continuous process--nurtured by love.

19 jun 2001 [Pilipinas]

We arrived in Manila at the NAIA 2. I don't know if I should be glad that I'm back here again after a week of being home in Maui. Dad is gone. This is the last time the whole family is seeing him. This is the truth about life, there is birth and death. Everything in this world is dualistic.

Dad has been always there for us. He constantly tells me to be strong in my life's journeys. His adventures in the Hawaiian islands. His fasting lifestyle which contributed to his longevity. I have understood that the food we eat is responsible for our diseases as well as our emotions. Dad is not a cold person. He is loved though some people hated him because they don't understand him. Dad learns to appreciate people. At his age of 92, when I was there and I gave him the healing of touch, and offered him a drink, he always thank me. Appreciating people is love. It imparts to the individual one's deed is very worthy. Dad, I give you the utmost respect in my own way.

We're all complete. My brother have also arrived from Europe. We waited for him and then we went forth to our home in La Union. It was just a house but now it's a home. The family is complete again.

20 jun 2001

We arrived at 5 a.m. Dad has really gone. He's lying in a casket. I have looked for his ring. I placed it on top of the casket. It is made out of green plastic. It has a heart shape. I know he is truly happy. He saw his sons grow as men and became good kids. He saw his grandchildren grow. Dad, before you finally go into the depths of the earth and reach the heights of the heavens, I wish you could bless me with the one. Thanks dad.

The household is in the state of mourning. Life went on as usual with those traditions and folklore of Philippine society.

25 jun 2001

A final day with my dad and his family. May you rest in peace Dad. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our friends and relatives who joined us in our bereavement. God's blessings be with you for those present and not present as we mourned the loss of my father.

A Eulogy. O Daddy, itan ta awankan, agtultuloy ka latta nga agbalin nga inspirasyonmi nga annakkmo ken ti kaputotam. Nadanonmo nga nakita ti itatanor dagiti annakmo, pannakaipasngay dagiti appom. Maipagpannakkelka nga amami. Dagiti isemmo mariknak. Naragsakka. Ti pagtaengan nga napanawan mangrugi manen nga mangngegan iti ib-ibit, katkatawa dagiti ubbing. Amami, agyamanak unay. Indatengdakam iti daytoy nga lubong nga makibalubal iti karit ti panagbiag tapno agserbi kami iti pagayatan ti Dios ken matulungan dagiti tao nga agkasapulan. Agbiag ka nga agnanayon kanyami. Naparaburanka iti Biag.Amen.

Her strength is a source of admiration and inspiration. No other woman except her extraordinary humanity. The people are blind but she radiates the truth of living, something everyone should emulate and this world will never be the same again.

Thank you for coming. I really appreciate it. Dad is happy to see you at last. We're blessed.

"Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World, and it will one day return there." - The Alchemist

26 jun 2001

I woke up with a smile in my heart thanking God's blessings of strength and wisdom. People judge thru their five physical senses leaving the spiritual aspect. This is our human nature. Even I, not exempted. But when we ascend to the very nature of the Divine we can achieve a world in harmony. Someday humanity will learn of his divine fate.