Malia—A Reminiscense
by JQ Gonzales

"Words are like the air I breathe. They gave life." -Keoni's Notebook   

French Kiss

French Kiss is a movie I would like to watch again. Views of France really is great…and so with their women. [hahahahaha]

“I want you…I want you..” (may karugtong ba?) “I want you.” (period)

I like the scene on the plane, when they first met. I would agree with you it’s really cute. I want to watch it with you.

Boyzone. Yes. I love the way you love me.

P.S. Yes. Bedside stories. Stories that makes me laugh. Stories that makes me cry. I love the way you say my name. The way you say you want me now. The way you say I miss you.

Remembering JFK, Jr.

I didn’t know JFK, Sr. had a son nor children. Ang alam ko lang ay tungkol sa affair niya with Marilyn Monroe. Maybe hindi ako masyadong nagresearch tungkol sa mga 2oth century US Presidents.

JFK, Jr. is a promising leader of the 21st century. Yeah, I grieve for his loss, I know he would be a great leader like his father when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

I’m a history buff pero di ko updated sa mga White House domestic affairs. Anyway, siguro may poster ka sa room mo of him. He has a very beautiful wife and they are truly soul mates. A version of Camelot.


I don’t call Sandy, Tita pero she is like my second mother because ang dami niyang naitulong sa akin for my personal growth. Matalik na kaibigan. She’s there always. We have her blessing. Chat time is always Saturday at 7 am. Pero let me know what time is best for you so we can both prepare for it.

Bagel For Breakfast

Morning is the best time of the day. Eating bagels with cream cheese with different flavor everyday. Yummy! A cheerful heart is a medicine.

I was introduced to bagels by my co-workers. At first, I complained. Pero nang malasaan ko ang cream cheese sa bagels. Wow nakakakilig sa lasa.

Every morning, I praise the Lord for a brand new day. Life is great. Amen.

I’m thankful kay Lord that He gave me talents and skills to serve His will. Ikaw rin. Enjoying one’s job results in a healthier environment where synergy exist amongs every worker.

Tib-epeks means effective. Hoy babae, mayroon din akong fat ‘no? :)