January 2001
The Bike in Waikiki

03 march 2001
     I am back to my mountain sanctuary. I look at the depths of human existence. A meaning. A purpose. Destiny.

20 march 2001
     A wind shall touch your face... A song shall bring you hope... And hope shall bring you there.

21 march 2001
The running waters of Iao Stream where in ancient times ran with the blood of the warriors of Ancient Hawaii. Now, its pristine waters bring life and serenity. I live because I enjoy the gift of living.

24 march 2001
Hope is thething with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words and never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson

25 march 2001
Happy birthday my friend. Your guidance serves me well in my life's journey. And your field of love envelopes my whole being. Sorry, I missed to pick up the phone and greet you. I'll surprise you.

26 march 2001
Morning reveals beauty with its colors emanating... - J.Q. Gonzales

27 march 2001

Ulalena is a superb attraction in Maui. What a wonderful gift to give to a friend. I kept the tickets for a while for a birthday gift. This is the surprise.

28 march 2001
I didn't take that job. I had to go see about a girl. - Good Will Hunting

30 march 2001
The leaf kept in the pages of the book brought by the wind where she found her bliss among the ocean waves. Her life as a leaf and the joy she brings as she kept her promise to the lone tree on top of the highest peak in the island. We are still but one because I came from you. You'll never be alone but we are two together as one.

31 march 2001
After meeting with my buddy, I went to the mall and paid my fon bill. Their was a bridal fair going on. I was curious what's going on. I went to each booth and was fascinated with great photography of the bride and the groom.

Photography is like the eyes capturing the essence of the soul. -- J.Q. Gonzales