It's like the lotus blooms from its watery paradise, I've seen such beauty you possess.

01 march 2003
March has just marched in. Time moves so fast and there are those days when time is at standstill. Do you see those lines I scribble, they become words.

02 march 2003
So much beauty and splendor emanates from you. Far within my arms' reach, far from my eyes' gaze, though your presence is just so near.

03 march 2003
He looked through her eyes and saw the world of wonderful life. It was a life teeming with a vast expanse of fulfillment and completion. And when he turned his eyes away from her, he found himself sitting down in front of a wall. He drew a doorway and walked through it and there she was, he finally found her.

04 march 2003
I want to thank you for being my inspiration in my pursuit towards developing my creative self. This happened when you believed in me. I do not know what's ahead but I am sure the fruits of our labor shall bring a sense of fulfillment. The words I scribble here are not enough to thank you. While I draw on paper and see beauty in front of my eyes, I feel the inspiration flowing in my being. While I write this prose and poetry, inspiration serves as my ink. While I look through the viewfinder of my camera, I see you, my dear Inspiration.

05 march 2003
A friend of mine is out of work but his spirit had become stronger than before. He is propelled by his dream to excel. Successful people are beset with so much disappointments in life. These disappointments are the driving force that will propel him to greatness. Life experiences of failure, ridicule are gifts of improving our stance in life. Sometimes we blame others for our failures and disappointments, but they were there for a reason. Life is a learning process. Each time we fall, we learn to stand. But first and foremost, we entrust our life to God who writes the roles we play in this world.

06 march 2003
Something I read this morning for the week March 10-16...
     This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to keep your cool. Your creative abilities should be working for you, so take on new and interesting projects. You may have to deal with some strong pressure, particularly at home. Unfinished family business could tie you up in knots. Power struggles will not resolve the situation. Take a good look at your values and your goals. If you honestly believe in them, you'll make the right moves at the right time. You might also put some effort into improving your surroundings. Be careful with the tools you use & turn on your creativity. You have such a practical side to bring out. Confidence helps you make your point without beating anyone over the head. Take the opportunity to speak to those with the power. You may have some difficulty satisfying someone else's demands. If you're willing to look at the issue with fresh eyes, however, you may discover something new about sharing. The trick is to recognize your potential. Your creative imagination should be working well, although the ideas that you have may not be entirely realistic. It's useful to be open to anything at first. You can always edit and adjust later.

Monitoris mus - the common electronic rodentI met with the two master artists who are my friends today in their art studios showing them my sketchbook of drawings. They said I'm in a good start and they will teach me their craft. They see the artist within me as you also see me.

07 march 2003
It was a hectic day for me today but I managed to let the day pass smoothly. I had so many phone calls mostly technical in nature. Someday the balance of analytics and creativity will be of equal weight. It is from this premise that we can call someone who has found completion.

08 march 2003
Inside the frame, a photograph. Where art thou? Are you really here? Air and water, how can they reach each other?

09 march 2003
what'll she look like (luke 2:40,52)

what'll she look like when she
opens her eyes and sees what she wants to see
instead of this cold mirror's lies and all the pieces complete
she says with a sigh "i think i'm ready..."
what'll she sound like when she
opens her mouth and all the phrases sound right
as they fall out and she says "yes" and she's not
scared of the sound she says she's ready
{will she be soft will she be strong
will she be ready to be wrong
will she move too fast or wait too long
will she look me in the eyes}
what'll it feel like when she
opens her heart and finds that there just might be
a small missing part and whether with or without me
she has to start getting ready
what'll she look like when she
opens her eyes will she see just what i see
will it be a surprise to see that she hasn't changed,
her eyes are just a little wider now and she's getting ready
{chorus again}

10 march 2003
This morning I saw whales breaching out from the ocean while I drive along the pali, shooting waters from their blowholes. Next week Monday, I will be out to the ocean and see the whales up close and personal. Wish you can be with me, but you always are.

11 march 2003
"Take time to be still. Take time to pray. Make time to laugh. Never be too busy or in too much of a hurry to make contact with the instant you are in, because that is the only time that matters." - Iyanla Vanzant

12 march 2003
I wonder why there is so much confusion in this world. I can't fathom this reality where now the world is filled with chaos. Friendships are broken for unknown reasons. This is a world of live and let live. And nations cannot decide a collective solution to stop this madness. It's so simple my friend, in our humanity, we were given the gift of divinity...where we are endowed with uplift the downtrodden spirit in man. God commands us, 'thou shall not do unto others, what you don't want others do unto you.'

13 march 2003
"Due to a shortage of devoted followers, the production of great leaders has been discontinued." - Anonymous

14 march 2003
I'm so glad I'm off from work today. My mind is free to roam the vastness of creativity.

15 march 2003
I've done so much fun with my notebook PC editing my brother's home videos. Once I familiarize myself with Windows Movie Maker, I will try out the professional DV editing app, Adobe Premiere. I have many ideas to put on motion-I meant film. Have I forgotten about Apple's Power Mac dual processor G4 for my video editing? Well, I'm considering it but it's not going to happen this year since my Windows XP based notebook will suffice for what I need for now. Videography is a fun hobby and I really wanted to produce a one minute video to be premiered on our community TV.

The Violin Player16 march 2003
The Violin Player is an inspired drawing from a sculpture made by Clara Crampton. She has been blind since birth. In art, one needs not rely on the eyes solely.

I sincerely believe this. When I close my eyes, I can see things beyond sight and feel its contours. You may be far but the thought of it makes me feel closer to you. I have understood the heart was created to beat and resonate so as to ascertain one's distance. Someone maybe so near but yet so far and there maybe someone far yet so near.

Will the one be a result of one's passion for beauty and art?

17 march 2003
Becoming one with the ocean while the bird flew above.

19 march 2003
The United States have declared war on a sovereign nation, Iraq.

20 march 2003
"Men always want to be a woman's first love--women like to be a man's last romance." -Oscar Wilde

23 march 2003
Inspired by your beauty, your wisdom, and humanityEach day and every stroke of my pen, I feel the flow of my deepest inspiration of the celebration of life. You are the one who taught me to be free--free to explore the vast ocean of creativity. The heart speaks the soul's yearnings and in this essence I'm drawn closer to the source of my inspiration-you.

I had fun at the luau this evening. There was so much food and drinks. I enjoyed the pina colada and the Blue Hawaii drink as well as the grinds. Ono! The highlight of the show was the Polynesian dances which was an awesome spectacle to the crowd including me. I want to invite you to experience the Hawaiian luau.

27 march 2003
Distance Bridged
by Keoni

Distant from my sight and touch
Of an essence I don't understand
Touched everyday by such longing
I can no longer stand
Eons ago from a distant past
Lived a woman so fair and adoring
Along the lake she could touch the sky
Sky up high, yet it was within her reach
Finally, she have bridged a distance
Like love, no matter how ironic it can be
I have believed in all my life--you're here.

31 march 2003
A world in chaos.