March 2008 - The march forward
Information at your fingertips is the battlecry of the 21st century making the world flat

1 March 2008
The March Forward
Time is moving so fast and we are approaching the end of the school year. Our children are busy planning for the activities in the summer here in the Philippines. Some will be travelling, some wiill stay home and vege, some will work for their tuition fees come next school year, and some are graduating this year, hence the march forward.

2 March 2008
IMAGINATION is everthing. It is the preview of life's coming attractions... - Albert Einstein

17 March 2008
Agyamanac iti amin nga naitulongmo caniac. Agtalinaedak nga gayyemmo numanpay inwaksinac iti biagmon. No adda man nagbasolac quenca ket pacaoanennac coma. Dios ti tumarabay cadatayo amin. Ulitec manen ti agyaman iti aoan saoay na nga tulongmo.