April 2001
Writing my thoughts on paper

01 may 2001
Labor Day. The Philippines is in the state of rebellion. Please open your mind and see what is going on in this country. This is the time of healing. You must work as one for the nation and not for the interest of the few. You are the same in the eyes of the Supreme Being, whether rich or poor. REBUILD YOUR NATION! Identify yourself with your land of birth. You have a place in the world. Put a face where your face is. Have a face of peace and harmony. Move forward and look back not where history have left you. From this moment on, don't throw anymore stones but throw your support for the rebuilding of the new Philippines.

     I'm off to bed now...tomorrow is another day. Peace be with you. [windows closed]

04 may 2001
I have arrived in Guam hours after leaving Honolulu. Gladly, there's a man that I conversed with to kill time. Tapos naglaro na rin ako ng Tetris. I got my high scores there. Bored? I am not. Two hours later, I was bound for Manila. It is really true, libre na pala ngayon ang push cart. Yehey! Nabigyan ako ng 21-day stay dito sa Pilipinas ng oficial de imigracion. Kainis naman. I-extend ko na naman ulit at a later date.

Anyway, andito na ako sa arrival area. Wala yung sundo ko. :( Asan na sila? Madami ng nag-ooffer ng ride with pay... Naghintay muna ako. I can wait even hanggang sikatan ako ng araw. That's how patient I am. Eto na pala yung sundo ko. Ang brother ko. Di na kami dumaan pa ng Paranaque kasi dederecho na kami ng La Union. Nonstop ang biyahe. 'La akong tulog pero kaya ko tong biyaheng six hours pa. It's the first time for me to ride on the van going home. Cozy, reclining seat. A/C and other amenities. Kelangan pa ng TV at ayos na. Hehehehe. Next buy na lang yun.

At last...I'm home. The old house is at a state of renovation. A change from the old to the new. We're going through changes. Today I start my stay in the Philippines. A country of my own. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

05 may 2001
Today is my Uncle's birthday. I requested to visit his grave along with my grandpa and other uncle. I wish they are still alive so I can share my hopes and dreams. They left people they loved and thus I share to them my hopes and dreams.

06 may 2001
It's the little girl's birthday. Adorable angel. It's her first birthday. Born on the same date as I am. Some of my friends were born on the 6th of May. What makes this date special? Hmmm...I don't know. Perhaps I will know.

Let me look at you and describe the very presence that surrounds me. You remember me and wish me the best in my life's journey. The journey that is taking place away from my home in Maui. I am now 29 today and I look at this little girl. Through her eyes, she sees a world unknown until she is filled with the knowledge of living.

This is where the Shrine of our Lady of Namacpacan is located. Apo Baket is how she is called by the local townsfolk. I entered the church with my seminarian friend with the invitation of the parish priest. I took a video footage of the church for its improvements. Most of the improvements were from donations by the residents of Luna in Hawaii, U.S.A. Perhaps this is where I shall exchange vows with the one. [laughs]

07 may 2001
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo lifts the state of rebellion situation in Metro Manila. Sana maayos ang halalang 2001.

09 may 2001
Occalong, one of Luna, La Union's hidden beauty. A place deserves respect for its enchanting serenity. With its forest teeming with the sounds of life. The joyous laughter of the kids jumping off from the summit of the water fall. I wish to show this little spot in the world for everyone to see. Perhaps Occalong deserves the reverence for its beauty.


The woman's eyes still unfazed from the sands of time. The words, the mannerisms, the voice. Perhaps, a moment to reckon and savor the presence that was. Gladness adored by her child and man, she is not swayed from the images of yesterday. Let it be. It's no longer yesterday but it is now.

Tongues. I walk in the valley of tongues. It is still the same like yesterday. It has been like this anyway. Perhaps a daily town paper abounds and serves the purpose of the rumour mongers and the gossipers. A discussion group should thrive in cyberspace. [laughs] We don't need a daily paper at all. As the saying goes, "May tainga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita." It's very interesting to be in this part of the globe. I call it the flow of life. It's not boring. A highly active, socially interactive organism.

13 may 2001
Heard mass.

14 may 2001
Philippine Elections. Kasali ako sa NAMFREL sa amin at ito'y naging tulong ko sa pamayanan.

15 may 2001
2nd day of counting

15 may 2001
3rd day of countin