May 2003
The USS Lincoln docked in Pearl  Harbor after a 10-month tour of duty now is finally home. When you hear freedom calls, be there.

01 may 2003
Labor Day. 'A fair day's wage for a fair day's work.' It has been written in the Holy Scriptures. In this world of work, we sell our time to get compensated. It is expected from laborers like us that we give the same output based on the input we are given by our masters. Being an entrepreneur, I am compensated based on my performance and skills and how I manage the tasks I am about to tackle. One has to be sensitive to the needs of others...this is a trait everyone must have. Every input must equal every output.

04may 2003
The Computer Wiz I tried to paint and this is what I came up with. I missed my teacher. I wasn't able to learn how to hold a brush and apply the strokes onto the canvas. He left for Seattle and he'll be back here again in Novemer unless I go to Seattle in the summer. He tells me that the summer in Seattle is a wonderful sight.

When painting this piece, I relied on my intuition instead of using the art principles. I was gonna draw a face but I was not able to do it. I learned that one doesn't need to have eyes to see to work on a piece of art. We have other senses to harness. This is when inspiration comes in.

With this innate talent as one have said, plus the presence of the inspiration, the birth of a masterpiece is inevitable. Does the inspiration have a face? Maybe I can draw its face...

By the way, this piece has been created on a digital canvas.

06 may 2003
I was awakened by your call. I want to thank you and am grateful for your thoughtfulness and greeting me a "Happy Birthday."

I'm today's birthday boy and I don't know what's brewing at work later.


11 may 2003
Lianala died today. Manu and I`a were shocked of the loss and refused to eat. They were the ones who saw her plight. I don't know how to comfort them of the loss. I'll help them cope with it by bringing in new friends for them tomorrow. Lianala was very playful and exhibiting a sense of leadership.

She served as a source of my joy while l view her from the outside world of humanity into looking her inside watery world. As a tribute to her I made this painting and I entitled Lianala.

16 may 2003
by Mariah Carey

when you love someone so deeply
they become your life
it's easy to succumb to
overwhelming fears inside
blindly i imagined i could
keep you under glass
now i understand to hold you
i must open up my hands
and watch you rise

spread your wings and prepare to fly
for you have become a butterfly
fly abandonly into the sun
if you should return to me
we truly were meant to be
so spread your wings and fly

i have learned that beauty
has to flourish in the light
wild horses run unbridled
or their spirit dies
you have given me the courage
to be all that i can
and i truly feel your heart
will lead you back to me
when you're ready to land

i can't pretend these tears
aren't overflowing steadily
i can't prevent this hurt
from almost overtaking me
but i will stand and say "goodbye"
for you will not be mine
until you know the way it feels to

17 may 2003
Today's is my sister-in-law's birthday. The family celebrated it at Caffe Ciao at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea. Every one was happy in that occasion. I wish my nieces are here to celebrate with their mother.

20 may 2003
The silence of the water that runs through this river was echoing. I tried to listen hard but I couldn't hear anything. I don't understand, but perhaps the river's course took a detour. That's why I don't hear the running water of the river.

21 may 2003
My local webspace has been maxed out so I've decided to have this website to be hosted elsewhere. Tadhana will be overhauled as a result of this change of webhosting provider.

I have been doing a lot of work these days and still keeping the flame alive whatever it takes. This flame serves as my guiding light to my path where it would lead me. We were walking together in this path and somewhat you were lost. I am looking for you as a result. I'll leave this flame here and you will find me. While you are in this process, I am taking a journey to find my way back to you. I will remain yours.

22 may 2003
3:00 am. I just got home from the karaoke bar. After watching Matrix Reloaded in the theaters, we went singing in the karaoke bar. Don't laugh okey, I didn't sing Michael V's Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko. I really don't have a singing voice. I had fun this evening. Thanks to my friends.

23 may 2003
The Filipino community celebrates its annual Barrio Fiesta. It's a depiction of the barrio fiesta in the Philippines. There were lots of people especially non-Filipinos to try out Filipino culture. I wish there's more to show about the real Philippines of today. Since most of Hawaii's Filipinos originated from the northern Philippines, it has been a common knowledge that the language of the Filipinos is Iloko. I wish that the next generation of organizers of the barrio fiesta will change the format because it's not really Filipiniana. It's not a 100% Filipino flair. The Filipino is a good adopter to change that's why you see him/her all over the globe. It's rarity to see a real Filipino, in thoughts, in words, and in deeds. But overall, they did a good job. I might join the Maui Filipino Community Council to give input to the community leaders on reminiscing the Philippine culture away from home.

24 may 2003
Tadhana has been moved to a webhosting provider and now found at Since its inception in 1996, Tadhana has been destined to be a refuge of the soul. Thank you for your continued support of this website and I am grateful that you walked with me through the years.

25 may 2003
I was so glad to solve a technical feat and thankful to the Divine Hand that guideth me.

26 may 2003
The barkada gathered together again since two of our friends are going back to school in the Philippines next month. They played billiard while I just watched them play. All of them played against each other.

I'm the only one playing bachelor now while another friend is set to get married this coming November in the Philippines and he picked me as his best man.

27 may 2003
It's my boss' birthday. I was so glad to present to him his new PC that I have worked on in the weekend. It was a real challenge for me. I took him out to lunch and we had a great chat.

28 may 2003
Calm is the sea where beauty is seen as the waves touches the sand...

29 may 2003
I decided to pull off our ad in the radio since it was deemed disadvantageous to the company. It was more advantageous to use the money in charitable contributions where peole would be greatly blessed with the company's earnings and we don't feel cheated by these actions.


I've spent the afternoon with my friend had lunch at their home. He's leaving for Manila in the weekend. We talked about his impending wedding. He's so excited to go back to continue his studies.


Would it be best if I have to go now? It's up to you.

Sunsets remind me there's tomorrow.30 may 2003
A breathe of fresh air as your essence brought it. Now in its essence form, will fate make it into a presence?


From the balcony in Longhi's I've captured the beauty of the setting sun in digifilm. This natural sight is what Maui is rich for.

31 may 2003
My life is the best thing that ever happened to me.