October 2000
At 10,023 feet, I have blown a kiss that it might reach your lips and whispered in your ear that I long for you

01 november 2000
     Tears run down my face upon knowing that a dear friend of the family have passed away. She was like a lola to me and the kindness in her heart glows immensely. She was always there for us especially to my Mom. One time, after arriving from a trip in the Philippines, I was locked out from my house. She was there for me and she fed me because she knew I was hungry. She understood the language without words.

     She will never be forgotten because she mean so much to me. May she rest in peace...

09 november 2000
     "Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny," -Anonymous

11 november 2000
     Paalam Lola. May panibago kang paglalakbay na nakalaan. Ang mga naiwan mong alaala ay magiging bahagi ng aking buhay. Isa kang ulirang ina sa iyong mga anak at mapagmahal na asawa. Kapayapaan sa isa't isa sa kanila ang tangi kong dalangin dahil iyun ang iyung nais.

12 november 2000
     A landscaper enjoys the outdoors where he expresses beauty by making the landscape his canvas where he shapes the terrain and add vegetation. He finds his peace and joy where he sees life is governed by the laws of nature.

13 november 2000
     He knew that today is his last day of work. It came to him as no surprise. He's leaving quality friends but he had to move on. The last thing he did was playing frisbee gold with his colleagues. He received deep appreciation of his contributions to his company's pursuit of success. Be well Mister, it's time to move on.

     Things do happen for some reason or cause but never let what happens control your life or mislead you. Let your life take what happens and turn into the next step toward your destination of choice. -D.J. Boulton

     The opposition in the House of Representatives made history today by making President Estrada the first Philippine president to be impeached, paving the way for a Senate trial which will determine whether or not he will stay in office. Administration congressmen failed to stop House Speaker Manuel Villar from reading the articles of impeachment, approving it, and calling for a suspension of the session. It was all over in less than eight minutes. - PDI

14 november 2000
     The little boy travelled with his little bike and saw an obstacle in his course. A big rock has fallen from the mountain during a heavy downpour. He had to make a detour. He knew he was still heading toward the same destination. A little girl emerged from the forest. She got lost from the heavy rain while looking for truffles in the wilderness. The girl had also taken a detour but she didn't know where she's heading. The boy helped her out and offered a hand perhaps she's heading also to the same direction. He learned that she's heading to the same hill the boy is going. He took her by the hand and they rode together in his bike to spend the rest of the day at the hill.

15 november 2000
     Happy Birthday Dad! You are very exceptional human being. I draw my strength from you. While we were here in the plantation village, you used to carry me and bring me in your garden. That is why I tried landscaping while I'm in transition. I've taken a detour.

    Thank you Dad. I love you. Do you wish to see her? :) I know you do because you always ask me where she is. Take care Dad. I'll see you soon.