July 2001
Flying the colors of cultural diversity

02 november 2001
A poem written in reverence to a woman.


woman you are there for man
have you noticed when he was alone
did you feel his heart beat?
a sense of longing
a void in his creation
the Creator listened
he took a rib while he's asleep
and made you

06 november 2001
Nida Blanca. Why did they have to do this to you? You have touched the lives of millions of people. I've lamented your loss. Your shall live with us in our hearts. When I came to the Philippines fresh from the States, your presence have been embedded in my memory as a kid. You made me laugh while I was learning to become a Filipino in thoughts, in words, and in deeds. May you rest in peace and your untimely death be brought to justice.

08 november 2001
Happy birthday to you my dear brother. I'm so glad that you are back home defending freedom.

13 november 2001
Happy birthday Noemi. I wish I could greet you over the phone but it is probably meant to be that that is the last moment for us to be together. We made memories and I was happy to share to you the beauty of the island. You are about to set sail. Your voyage is to be faced by storms. When you need me, I'll be there for you. Bon voyage!

15 november 2001
Happy birthday Dad. I wish you are still here with us. I miss you much and I wish you could have waited further to meet her. You have been a great father to us. Dad, rest assured, she will be found. I love you.

16 november 2001

You Should Be Mine
(Jon Secada / Steve Morales / David Siegel / K.Machicote)

It was only last night
When noticed something wasn't write
Then she looked in to my eyes
Left me wondering
Feeling like
Such a fool
This can't be true
Why is this happening to me
I really want you like you can't believe
I guess I'm gonna play the game
So before you go
There's something you should've known

I've been thinking
That you should be mine
Even though you got a man, I'm sure you can
Tell him goodbye
I've been thinking
That you should be mine
Even though you got a man, I'm sure you can
Tell him goodbye

I keep on trying to forget
Sometimes I wish that we had never met
I wouldn't know how to explain
'Cause there's no excuse for loving you
There's so much I could lose
'Cause there's no easy way
It's not my place to make you wanna say
But I know you want me to
Are you ready now
It's up to you
What do you wanna do


So now that we both understand
What's really going on
Make no mistake girl
Say what you really want
Don't be afraid of what you feel
'Cause I'll be here for you
But you gotta let him knwo
It's time that he should go
If you want me girl, you gotta show me


17 november 2001
I'm putting up these walls between us. When you can break these walls, you are the one for me. I am leading my life to be at its best with or without you. Remember this, I do love you.

     Where art thou I searched for thee? Remember, we will meet in an unexpected moment regardless of the distance between us for I have believed in all my life you shall come to me on this tiny dot of this Mother Earth. You will bring joy and touch the lives of people around you. When you shall come, I would be there on that predetermined time and place that I never expected you. I say these words upon the winds and I believe. I will search no more and you shall find me. Do you have a name? Send it back to me through the winds that brought you my message. It is your very essence that makes me alive awaiting for your presence.

22 november 2001
I gave thanks for the blessings in my life. As I move along the path, I learn each day about the gift of life. Life has so much to offer and being a part of enriching other people's lives that I consider one of the greatest accomplishments of one's self. Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of Life.

23 november 2001
The spirit of wine engulfs the mind. Be careful. I don't want you to be in peril. i wish I could be there and give you every ounce of tenderness. You need me...

24 november 2001
...but for now I'll give you the space you need. Sometimes I wonder about my worth to you. I hope you realise that I'm lost without you. I'll find my way back to where I was...

25 november 2001
...I love you and you know that. What do I have to prove? Tell me. I understand but you also must learn to be humble. I will continue on the pursuits of my life. I shall come back when the universe have written it in the heavens. I came like the passing of the seasons perhaps it is your winter when you needed the warmth you need and then let me go in the first signs of spring like the blooming of the flowers as they see the sun. Where is this journey taking me, I ask this cosmic question upon the universe.