A tree branch

01 november 1999
All Saint's Day, Philippines. I remember we used to camp at the graveyard honoring our dead loved ones. Death is the end of a journey. Life is a gift...

04 november 1999
All my bags are packed and ready to go. I'm leaving on a jet plane. Breathless, anxious...a smile in my face.

05 november 1999
Miss Saigon in Honolulu. Two tickets to Neal Blaisdell Center. Two souls walking along the boulevard and laughing together...pouring out the inner thoughts of the heart.


06 november 1999
 Waikele Shopping Center, Honolulu. I shopped for my shoes and some clothes. Of course Skechers™ still rules. It took me a while to shop for my shoes but I made the right choice for the price. I bought another pair but it was Vans™ from another store since the price was attractive.

    Having friends is a life treasure. A shoulder to cry on...a friend to rely on.    

    Maui No Ka Oi. Maui is the best! My home. I'm home from Honolulu.

08 november 1999
    It's my brother's 25th birthday. Greetings to you my dearest brother. Thank you for you are my source of inspiration and when we're together you never have lost sight on me and I have never lost sight on you. God bless you.

     At 10,012 feet above the sea on Mt. Hale`akala, I have said a prayer for you to reap the rewards of peace and happiness and you would find that someone who will lead you to that path.

     The wind blew and the maple leaf traveled across the vast open sea and there it found a place of serenity. The leaf was full of color and in great form. The wind brought me a leaf. In thanking the Great Creator on how He formed this leaf in great perfection, I have realized that it is my gift. This is the leaf that I never have realized that I shall keep.

09 november 1999
A voice brought me a smile. A happy soul with memories to treasure deep within the heart and soul. A reason to come back and fulfill life's promises.

10 november 1999
A change in the course of life. A reason to look beyond the horizon. Where are you going from here? Listen to the music of going from here to there. You are destined to be fulfilled in completeness.

20 november 1999
Open Mic at Maui Coffee Roasters from 7p-10p. I have read my poems, Wish and The Leaf. Open Mic is a place to share one's talent and feel good about one's individuality.

21 november 1999
Friends came over to help me clean the rooms downstairs. We spent the whole day cleaning and I'm glad of the team effort and the fun we had.

     Inside the our community newspaper is the ad my Alma Mater placed for their spring registration featuring me. It's an honor to be chosen. Mom was happy to see me on the paper and even my friends and colleagues.

23 november 1999
The day was filled with the reverence of life. When a smile strikes the face, one knows someone is there thinking of the good things life has to offer.

24 november 1999
Mom has gone to Vegas. She'll get the jackpot...

25 november 1999
Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful for the blessings I've received and for the wonderful people around me who have inspired in living.

    I'm afraid the turkey hasn't been done yet. We'll have a midnight Thanksgiving Dinner. I hope Mom has a fine Thanksgiving in Vegas. Maybe she's giving thanks that she have won the jackpot.

    Quote of the Day:  I have tasted life. - Emily Dickinson

26 november 1999
Good morning to me. How are you doing today?


   To wake up and smile at the early morning calm and start a new day with the hope that everything goes well in the everyday trek of the journey of life. Peace in the inner sanctums of my being emanates within my communion with the Omnipotent One.

    Listen to me great leaf...when the wind brought you here, the breath of life began to resuscitate me. Now that I found you, will the wind pick you up and take you away from me?