October 2000
Ride bus #13 when you are on your way to Waikiki from Chinatown. Hawaii's culture is a blend of East and West. Hawaii is the place to be where life is sweet.

01 october 2000
     It's a Sunday. The morning sun brought it's shining light in my room. I feel the joy of someone whose sun will shine when the morning comes.

02 october 2000
     Clothed with the sun, moon, and stars, he stood there. Dazzled. Night has come and he went adrift to sleep dreaming.

03 october 2000
     Life in this island is what you can call paradise when you perceive it is. Living in this island paradise between the eastern and western hemispheres. I'm endowed with the riches of a multicultural society synthesized by its ways of life of every culture. We seek a harmonious living and found it. I give to you the Spirit of Aloha!

04 october 2000
     She has fallen asleep with a smile in her face and the rising of the sun will mark a brand new day when she wakes up to say "I am renewed. I am going to make things happen. I appreciate the gift of life...because I live to love."

05 october 2000
     There was this child during Christ's earthly time. He had five loaves of bread and two fishes. The people were hungry and the disciples were worried about feeding the multitude of people gathered before Christ. The child was blessed for he was destined to be used by God to feed the multitude of men and women wanting to hear the truth about God's plan in their lives.

     You are glowing like the sun...brightened by the nurturing of a seed that is in you. You've found that path leading to a fulfilled life...rejoice!

     It was shocking for him when he learned that he has to move onto a new direction. Would he feel sad because he feels comfortable where he is at and won't let go? Would he feel happy that there's a new road to traverse and for him to take a greater challenge and to explore the world around him? What is beyond the ocean that surrounds him?

06 october 2000
     Thanks for the friendship. I know you care about your friend. Because you see in me the greater things that I have to offer for the benefit of humanity and to the spirit of free enterprise. Your wisdom, I have sought and you are so willing to share it to me. I'll take them to the next level and that's why we have bumped to each other again because the universe have conspired to make things happen for the best in me. I look up to you in high regard. Thank you.

07 october 2000
     The alchemist said, "What matters most is that you have loved rather not loving at all."

08 october 2000
     A beautiful Sunday. It's a Sunday full of beauty. Muymoy is happy to see his master. Could you utter his name again? (laughs)

     Today, is a day of reflection. Where is the mirror? Do I need a mirror to reflect on? I'm just kidding. I remember that I need to do my chores. Take all the clutters off inside this room. I'm getting hungry now and perhaps I'm gonna eat outside again since I did that yesterday. I have enjoyed that lunch by myself...perhaps you would care to join me if you have a passion for Vietnamese cuisine. It's an invitation.

     I need to remind myself, I have to be at the bookstore tomorrow. I am meeting my friend who just came from a journey that he have charted in the open sea of opportunity. Am I thinking of a career change? Perhaps not. But if I think it is where the green pasture is would I go there? This is not the only place on earth? But would you think I could be better off there? Where is there? Please show me...

11 october 2000
     I can hear the murmur of the brook. It's not calm. Perhaps I should remove those rocks blocking its path and everything will be fine and the balance of nature is restored.

12 october 2000
     "I do not know what it is about you that closes and opens; only something in me understands the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses, nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands." - The First Time I Loved Forever, from The Beauty and the Beast TV series

13 october 2000
He looked at her photograph closely. her eyes were set afar... a photograph captured in a moment in time, capturing her emotion. and there was a gradual or perhaps a total change in the tone of her skin and her eyes came bright in the other photographs that came upon his hands... he asks "Is this a miracle and she is now alive and in full bloom?"

    The man was happy because she is happy at last...and then he went back to sleep delighted.

14 october 2000
Thanks for your concern. The best thing is we can make the ship from sinking by taking off some of its load and letting them stay afloat somewhere or leave them in an island where they can be fetched as soon as the ship is fully afloat and ready to sail in the uncharted seas of opportunity.

17 october 2000
     This overlapping of time and space seems like we're living in parallel universes? Do you think we are separated for life, unable to exist in each other's presence? - Griffin

     I think that the concept of parallel universes is too grand. This I sense is a more personal test of our tenacity. If we solve our problem, we gain the reward of each other. - Sabine

18 october 2000
     The Filipino people have been awakened. A leadership tainted with corruption and greed can not exist. It is a betrayal to the masses who have put their trust in a government that will uplift their nation to greatness. Make it happen to put the nation back in the face of the world.

     My people, it is best that you pray over your leaders that they may find in their hearts of their wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness in the face of the nation and move on.

19 october 2000
     Good morning world. Another day to spend time...and make the most of it while looking forward to taking a new path. I believe that the things that happens around us are not mere coincidences but a feeling of destiny, as though our lives had been guided by some unexplained force. This what makes us feel more alive.

20 october 2000
     Thank you for saying a prayer. I still have my work...and in the process of discovering new avenues in my career advancement. Let us celebrate under the moonlight...

21 october 2000

I picked up the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, today as I happened to be in the mall to pay my bills and add more boxer shorts to my collection. I haven't started reading it but let me crack it so I can enter a passage and maybe someone will pick this book up, too. This is Madonna's favorite book.

     "...to show you one of life's simple lessons," the alchemist answered. "When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed."

     Thank you for believing in me. (sheds a tear)

22 october 2000
     I watched this movie Deuce Bigelow - Male Gigolo, today inside my room. A funny movie. Don't even think I'm considering this career (laughs). What's good in this movie is making someone feel good about themselves and make them realize that they are exceptional human beings despite of their condition/situation in life. When you feel a smile in your heart or in your face, it's because I'm with you.

     The path you have taken in your quest will lead you to the Higher Ground. And in your search you will see your incredible human potential. Be complete and be engulfed in the Light. Ascend to your true self and discover the path to Enlightenment.

     Journey onward...I'll be here. Infiniti.

23 october 2000

27 october 2000
     Living simple is a way of getting around this complex world. I wish to share with you this life.