July 2001
Wonder boy

01 october 2001
I'm back in Kauai again...to see my new friends once again. I'm back in the confinement of my room...bored. Alas! I found solitude keeping me company.

02 october 2001
It's great to be appreciated. I was glad to have lunch with the local Ilocano folks where we shared stories. They were glad to see the success of one's perseverance. It inspires them.

03 october 2001
It is good to learn that you loved your experience in Maui. I wish I was with you and your daughter to show you more of the beauty it possess.

04 october 2001
It's my last day in Kauai. I have made friends and memories. I've learned a lot and am glad to be able to share a part of me to the people of Kauai called the Garden Isle.

05 october 2001
I'm back on Maui. Tired and missing so much of the life I've missed. Truly, Maui no ka oi! There's so much catching up to do. I received a mother's great delight to a son.

06 october 2001
It's great to spend time with your best friend and his family at the Maui County Fair. It makes me think of what's ahead...I await for that day.

11 october 2001
What he feared for a while happened. She went back to where she was and every one around her felt for the one who could have given her tomorrow what she can't have today. He moved on with his living today. He must say goodbye at last for she have chosen the path.

12 october 2001
Tomorrow's bliss is worth the wait. Sorrow has its own place for it came to pass. Patience shall reap its rewards because everything that has happened was put in motion by the Hand that wrote it.

13 october 2001
I have learned not to cry when it is not necessary. When I cry, it's because I am cleansing my soul.

14 october 2001
Silence once again came into my circle. The presence that enveloped this room have fled because it was pretentious. However there's no more desire for it to occupy again.

20 october 2001
I met you today. Have you ever diagnosed someone in your life who has a broken heart? Give me your prognosis.

21 october 2001
He believed that the essence of one's being is reflected by a presence. A poem was written in the middle of the night.

Mystery of the Void
by. J.Q. Gonzales

Perhaps a moment is a blink of an eye
Like a wind passing through
Leaving behind memories
Like photographs taken
Seen once then forgotten
Like the footprints in the sand
The waves wash them away
And the sands are once again
Define the mystery of the void
Oh he longs for the moment
A wish he made
Upon tossing a coin he held on his hand
Perhaps time can tell as he sought no answers
While the universe knew what is going on
And conspires to make his wish happen.

28 october 2001
"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions." - Author Naguib Mahfouz