Aug 2003
Even when you were a child and then when you've grown into an adult, you are still you.

04 oct 2003
It's Maui's County Fair. There are lots of rides, food, exhibits, and people to see. I went out alone to watch my friend perform on stage with his band. He was there alright. Fifteen minutes passed, they're already playing at the entertainment tent. I reached him playing the saxophone and he's better than Kenny G. When the band stopped performing, I went to see him backstage and praised him for the band's performance. His band's name is Chant. They expressed intererest in playing at our Christmas party. I will certainly will give them a great PR to our management execs at work. If ever I happen to be in Oahu, I'll check him out in his gigs. I truly appreciate live band music, when they play great and Chant has proved their worth.

In the evening, I joined my friends at the reception of Ofelia and Lester's wedding at the Kihei Community Center. I was supposed to be the master of ceremony but I have changed my mind because I might commit some blunders and my co-emcee would be arriving late due to her choir practice. There were plenty of people and we stayed outside because of the lack of table space. That's how big the crowd was. I was amazed at the slide show done by a colleague. Great work. I've seen some friends and coworkers of mine and greeted them. We didn't stay long because my friend has to pick up his wife at her workplace and he dropped me off at home.

10 oct 2003
The wind comes to touch my face amidst the torment of the searing heat of the tropical sun. I left the house and wandered around town and visited friends.

11 oct 2003
I watched the movie We Were Soldiers on dvd and I saw the torments of war. It was a true depiction of a war story and tells us that war is not the answer to resolve human conflicts.

15 oct 2003
'Hauli Lahanau' to you. Wishing you the best in life as another year is to be lived. Thank you for your friendship where we both share our thoughts on things about life in general. I know work has taken much of your time, but you never have forgotten the presence of a friend from afar. Thank you.

31 oct 2003
Many of us are more capable than some of us but none of us is as capable as all of us. -Texthots