Drink from my glass

01 october 1999
The second day of Maui County Fair. Who wants to come with me? I went to the bookstore and read some books while waiting for my friend at the coffee shop. I began to have an interest with jazz music. That would mean addition to my music library. I enjoyed drinking chai while reading. Preference? Hot or cold? Cold.

02 october 1999
A 24-hour fast from yesterday and ended in the afternoon. It felt good and rejuvenating to the mind, body, and soul.
     I was at the swap meet with my friend and looking for books and some veggies. I've seen some old friends there selling there wares and handicrafts and of course, las comidas. Yummy!
     After a few rounds at the swap meet, we spent time with my lola and have lunch there. My little cousin was playful and talented. Sometimes, she's also punky like Punky Brewster™.

03 october 1999
It is learned. Gift. It is acquired.

04 october 1999
It's a Monday. Ang daming work. Aaahhh. Talagang ganyan sa araw ng Lunes.

05 october 1999
Maaga ako ngayon sa work. Napuyat ako koz nagwork ako kahapon at night. Pagdating ko sa bahay, nakatulog ako.

08 october 1999
"Cast your burdens upon me." says the Lord.

09 october 1999

As Time Flies
Tell me of things that you love to do
When you are alone searching something
You do not know
Alone, alone where can you be
I can't find you nowhere I plea
The flowers may have withered and died
But the flame continues to burn
As time flies

    Elizabeth is a great movie. Volta is a dance.

10 october 1999
Non-activity is activity.

11 october 1999
A series of stories will be published soon. Entitled Make it Happen.

12 october 1999
     He is leaving. Yes, one of my best friends. Sad, so sad. Even my other friends mourn. What matters most is the bonding of good friends. Where's the wild turkey, Baby? Move on...where the wind will lead you. Like a feather, you'll land to your destiny.

13 october 1999
      Something for the Filipino.
From Times Magazine, Newsweek, Asian Wallstreet, Asian Review and others. This is NOT my thoughts but if you happen to read this, search yourself, explore your past, who you are.
     Here goes. You know 98% of Filipinos do not love their country. They don't have this love that many other people around have. Do you know why?
     No one knows why! But when you send these very same people to anywhere else in the world they are the best and most disciplined people on the world. This has been shown in many many magazines.
     The next problem is because they arean't nationalistic. They are nationalistic in a long distance way.
     Unfortunately, it is genetic. According to a lot of scientists. It is only the Filipino that is brought up like this and has this type of personality.
     Another reason why they aren't nationalistic is because they hate their country and for what it stands for. Anytime the Filipino is asked what nationality does he have. He will never ever in his lifetime proudly say, "I'm Filipino."
     By chance, will you ever see a Filipino in a war say, like the Americans or the Europeans, "My country needs me and I have to fight for my country's defense." Ano kaya ang sabihin ng Pinoy? "Pare hindi guerra ko yan, dito na lang ako. Bahala kayo diyan." Right?

Let not this mentality be amongst us and the future generation of Filipinos. As our islands are scattered in the Pacific Ocean, don't let our consciousness be scattered, too for we are One People with Pride and Dignity.

14 October 1999
     Joy Luck Club...what a fine movie. If u watched it before, I would say it's a great movie. I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and tradition. What is my worth? Am I worth something? What am I? American and Chinese culture are so different... What is meant to be free? What is meant to be obedient?
     This swan feather has traveled from afar and it's coming to you with its all good intentions.
     June finally understood of what she is when she finally met her older twin sisters in China and brought them all their mother's HOPE and no EXPECTATIONS.

15 October 1999
The music you listen to shapes your mood.

29 October 1999
     What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

30 October 1999
     Echoes of the past. Forgiveness heals. Start anew.

      The whole day was great and fulfilling and even reaching into the night. I had a chance to learn from a sage--full of wisdom and empowerment.

31 October 1999
     Halloween of '98. I was dressed in drag. That was a fun night with my friends at Lahaina's Front Street. Yeah, groovy baby. I saw Austin Powers there, too, doing the schwinging.

     Tonight. I'm here in the confinement of my solitude.