Sometime in 1988

Dear Mayumi,

Before anything else, let me greet you again a sweet and warm hello. How'z my sweet friend doing, too? I hope you're fine while you're goin' over my missive. As you'll know, I'm doin' great every time and every moment; now worries, no sorrows because I always feel being filled up by you and our Divine Providence.

Maui has been treating me so nice because I'm now used to my birthplace. It is a jolly place, though. I like the people here especially my friends and yours. There are many scenic places here and I really enjoy a lot. You know it was not hard for me to start all over because I'd thought just like I've been here for a quite long time.

I know you got a lot of cousins and friends but I think there's a missing dimension between you and your friends, it's called LOVE. You know, such friends without this are not true and sincere because they've taken you for granted. They're concerned to their [fleshly] desires. If they are, then they should be concerned to their friends that they are worth dying for. Having a friend is the most precious asset a person should have. Without them, you're nothing. Mayumi, forgive me for being skeptical. The Young People is greatly concerned with you because they love you as their own selves. I'm telling you this because I'm really concerned with you. Mayumi, please don't be touched after reading this lines, just be happy and smile. :-)

I can't wait to see you, too...I can feel that we'll be getting along with each other well and become really close, positively. You know, on our three-hour conversation on the phone, I've noticed something desirable in you, a trait I'm looking for towards my friends is your OPENNESS. I really admired you for that.. I assure you that I'll be open with you, too.

OK, on the flip side of the coin (giggles), being related to the Daangharis, I agree that I act weird or sometime look weird like Luningning, naaah. You know, I believe that you're quite wrong that I am attending Maui High School and I'm in the ninth grade. You're a "PSYCHIC," alright (laughs). Mauyong, nah,nah,nah,nah. Well, I've enjoyed high school; notice the underlined word. It's in the past tense, right? It indicates that I've graduated already in secondary school. If you're still not convinced, I'll be showing you a photocopy of my diploma if you want to. I felt remorseful when I called you crazy but I'll call you less crazy because Luningning is more crazy than you, I think, naah. All of your stories were untold by Luningning yet, so don't worry about the ink, I'll refill your pen when you'll get here, naah. I enjoy reading it because it's really hilarious (funny). i know how you miss being with Luningning because of the fun and trouble you have shred. She's a nice friend for you and me, though.

Well, as you aspire, I'm funny as she because I'm a troublemakah, too. That's good for you, isn't it? I'll tell you about an incident about her. As soon as she brought home her very first bacon strip (paycheck), she cashed it the other day and gave as a treat at Mc Donald's. You know, today she bought a pair of shoes, a dress, and a shirt. She tried it on and told me she's goin' to a par but actually she wanted to show how feminine she is. She's acting like a full-pledged lady now and I called her a baket then she gave me a "Tyson blow" on my lower jaw. Awww! It hurts!

To get serious Mayumi, I truly admit that I talk with all the poetic-like passages because I am a poet. I'm sorry if you cannot comprehend but you'll understand it on how the words were used in my letter. Thanks for your consideration. I can talk or write normally as everybody does, so please hang on and have a five-minute break. You might be on short-term memory and there's a tendency that you can't go along with my letter.

Do you still go along with your boyfriend or not? Why are you not talkin' to him, because you have heard rumors about him. you know, gosssssip is a killah, it destroys relationships towards fellowmen and God. As the Bible says in Prov. 18:21, "Death and life is in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Mayumi, be aware of your surroundings because Old Nick is doing all he can so that he can sway as Christians and non-Christians alike to sin. Hence, come out of this world and follow God's Word. Commit your life to Him and He shall provide you all things you ask in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ. Stick to your principles spiritually., don't go along the flow of the river of sin, instead you go to against its path. God is concerned with you as also with me. You know what's my definition of love, remember this, "It is an outgoing concern to the needs of others;" that's what I feel for you.. I have really wanted to get close with you and let us share our victories and defeats.

You know Mayumi, ther's a lass by the name of Malamyos, a lass I've fallen in love for seven years. I have told her how I feel about her in letters but I received not even a single note nor letter. I know her frenz because they like guys who have wheels and always treat 'em in a carinderia (a small-sized snack bar) in which they've influenced her to like the guy who used to be my best friend. I can't get her out of the pit because she's now stuck in there. I like her to be my friend so that I can share a bit of my life but 'twas too late. I have a friend named Penduko, he knows I'm courting her then, he got along my way, cut in, and they become sweethearts. He is rich and with wheels. I'm rich, too, but in the opposite, I'm teeming with love because riches (material wealth) are subject to be thrown away or deteriorate. I always think of this verse in Proverbs 14:20 that says, "The poor is hated even by his own neighbor; but the rich hath many friends." Yes, the poor is hated because he can't give anything material and being despised by all but he can give love; to the rich he has abundant friends because he's wealthy, goin' along with their desires and when the rich will fall and needs his friends for help, not even one of them will listen to him because they can't get something out of him anymore.

Mayumi, I miss those phone conversations we had. I like to thank you very much, a million times if I have to. Truly, you are the best friend I ever had in my life. Just feel free to echo your problems, your fun and adventures to me. We must have a mutual trust, love, care, and understanding to strengthen our friendship. I'll be missing your jokes to me in person. My apologies, Mayumi if there are more serious stuffs indicated in my epistle because I am teaching you all these kinds of stuffs to make your life better living.

Well, I've gotta park my pen now because I'm not yet through with my journal that will be due tomorrow in my English class, 10 o'clock sharp. Take care of yourself also because I care a lot. Smile, put your worries out, relax, and have a jolly day. Bye! Oh wait, please hang on for a second, I've got something to tell you, very important, it's this...BYE AGAIN and respond A.S.A.P.

With love and care,