Pamantasan 2000
Speech at the Pamantasan 2000 Conference
Leeward Community College
Honolulu, Hawaii, Saturday
April 15, 2000

It is a pleasure for me to be invited in this great conference, Pamantasan 2OO0. When Mr. Liongson e-mailed his invitation to me, it came as a surprise. But then, I thought this is now a good opportunity to share with you, especially you, young people, my dreams that motivated me to pursue a career in the world of amazing technology, the science of computers.

My friends, have you ever thought of what you can do to make things easy? have, your ever wondered about modern inventions, like in communications, the telephone, computers and the like? That people thousands of miles apart made closer and many other aspect brought about by the advancement of technology. Have you ever though of being a participant or a contributor to this advancement?

My friends, my first aspiration in life is in writing. I love to write, to compose and I love to share to others my work. I consider my dream to become a writer as my destiny. It inspire me to purse higher education in computer technology. Through this method, learning and studying all the complexities that comes with the study of computer, I am able to share my thoughts and aspiration to people in all parts of the world. Through the World Wide Web, which I specialized in, I am able to create things and share them to others.

My friends, whatever dreams you have, the realization and fulfillment is through sharing it with others. We can only feel satisfaction and fulfillment of a dream if we share it. A wise man once said, "A man with a dream is a man with a promise; a man in pursuit of a dream is a man who is alive; a man who has achieved a dream is a man who has experienced life; and conversely a man without a dream, is a man who is dead."

Through our dreams, we make things happen, and through communicating that dream is fulfillment. The world of technology provides us the medium to pursue those dreams. As I have mentioned earlier, through technology, it will provide us the opportunity to advance in fife, to support ourselves and others. In this dynamic world, technology plays a very important role in our life. My friends, nothing is impossible. Whatever you can imagine or conceive in your mind, you will be able to accomplish it Impossibles are impossible only as thinking makes them so.

A career in technology opens the door for us to move on, to proceed for a greater, better way of living. The opportunities are limitless, that we cam be able to pursue higher things, pursue our dreams. My friends, and to those whose parents' roots are from the Philippines, I know you are aware of the the kind of life way back home. After graduation from high school in the Philippines I felt that opportunities are short, so I decided to come back to my birthplace in Maui. And here I tried to move on to the realization of my dreams and pursued a study in computers.

Though I consider myself somewhat successful in my chosen career, I know that I owe it to all those things that I learned from home being born and raise in the Filipino values. Now, I would say that making myself here in the United States, at the same time uplifting the prestige of Filipinos. So my dear friends, humbly I would urge you: Pursue you dreams and enjoy the satisfaction that it provides. The great high road of human welfare lies along a steadfast well-doing; arid they who are the most persistent, and work in the truest spirit, will invariably be the most successful. Success treads on the heels of every right effort.

Thank you.


Acknowledgment: I would like to thank Tita Leah and her family and Mona for their support on making this happen for me and Mr. Liongson for inviting me to this event.