April 27, 1990

Dear Maguiting,

I didn't expect any letter from anybody at home though I have constant prayers that one of these days, a friend of mine would send a letter. Thank God, two of my friends have dropped a letter and a postcard, respectively. Those friends of mine were Mayumi and you.

Your letter served me with good impressions, it's very philosophical. I once used the dictionary to find the meaning of the term you used. That was senescence. I'm not a senescent because I still look young except that I'm endowed with a senescent mind.

In any society, problems always arise, whether here or there. Violence, crime, corruption exists everywhere. That's why you musn't put yourself into the place that is socio-economically paralyzed. Yes, humanity is in the race for survival. If you loose, you will be hopeless; if you win, you'll have pride.

I agree with you partly that people are classified only as the fool and the deceiver. Sometimes that is true for the world today, but that will not be forever. This is a serious matter, it's not a jest. I believe that most people have both of these classifications, and that might be you, me, or the rest of humanity just to survive.

A simple note doesn't show any simplicity but rather complexity. Take the word freedom, can you see it's simplicity or you see its complexity? Let me ask you this simple question-How you can escape when you think you are free? If you ponder upon this question, you'll find its complexities.

What do you mean by your statement, "Mapupurnada lahat ng pera ko kung sasabihin ko pa ang kadahilanan?" What is the relation of pera with these kadahilanans? I can't get a closer perspective to your statement but again please try to explain it further.

It's not weird to have a job as a pharmacist aid there. That job is worthwhile for you. The first thing you'll learn is that you have the opportunity to interact with people and you will have the determination to reach your goal. I work in Jack in the Box, a fastfood restaurant with multiple duties and responsibilities. I am a fryer, a dishwasher, a cashier, ordertaker, stockboy, busboy, and Johnny Tor, the maintenance boy. Despite all of those multiple hats I have to waer, I am paid well. During summer, I go to Upcountry and work in an onion farm working with senior citizens and relatives to add to my savings. The sun is scorching, the rain is freezing up there. Undoubtedly, I endured these things in order to have money to spend on my needs and wants. Of course, my money is not spent on bad deals. Anyway, I'm giving my congratulations to your temporary job or permanent perhaps. My prayers on your success will be assured. Just stay on the right track and think positive. You will find success eventually.

Please forward my congratulations and wishes to Maya, Adarna, Kuwago, Pipit, Tipaklong, and other contemporaries who received their diplomas, are still in school, and those out of school. How lucky they are ! Our reunion is still afar. I believe it's five more years or later. My first million will not be a reality till then unless I would win in one of the sweepstakes or lotteries here. Commodities are very expensive and I have bills to pay. I'm doubtful that I couldn't even afford to buy apparels to be in style. If our reunion will be a reality, I'll try to have contribute 50% of the expenses. But first let us focus on ourselves to our own individual interests and then focus on our common interest--Our Reunion. We might be talking about entrepreneurship when will have our gathering. You'll be looking forward to it.

At present, I've been infatuated to girls, but Katangi-tangi is still here in my heart. She became my ideal girl. I can't let her out of my mind. I'm desperately in love with her. I hope that a new girl, better than her will emerge from the curtain and my despair will be quenched till then and completely bury her to oblivion.

By the way, will you still be going to Baguio City for school or in Manila? I must know your mailing address before you leave the barrio. What changes took place in our town lately? Are there any phone lines already?

I think this is now the time to culminate my message to you and those people who are with you now as you read. My life is worth living because I have a great and incredible potential and every human have it and you must discover it for yourself. I'm looking forward to a soon reply. Aloha a me ke Akua!

Your friend,