Moonlight over Maui

01 september 2000
     The winds in the stillness of the night give hope. I talk to the moon and she shows her face.

02 september 2000
     Focus your thoughts. Keep away from distractions that keeps you off your path.

03 september 2000
     ...That God will manifest Himself in many ways that you shall understand.

04 september 2000
     Haleakala, the house of the sun. Beauty, perfection, casting a shadow of ultimate promise--bliss!

     The sun was already up when we reached the summit. It was freezing cold. The clouds have their reverence to the sun. I have to go back to see the sunrise before the break of dawn to see the grand beauty of God's creation as He paints the sky with multiple hues. His art infuses life.

05 september 2000
Your wisdom baffles the is the truth.

06 september 2000
Together. Just believe.

07 september 2000
Let's make heaven a place on earth.

08 september 2000
   Hmmm. I'll take my rest tonite and feel revved up when the sun comes up.

09 september 2000
Swap meet was fun. I met some old friends. Delightful for me to see them and hear from them.

10 september 2000
   Her voice uplifted the people around her.

11 september 2000
   Twelve years have gone by since he came back from his nation. The island brought him greatness and the understanding of his destiny.

12 september 2000
   Sheung Yuet. Welcome my moon for your beauty caresses my soul. Chui Yuet. You my moon, I chase to give you light. You light up my sky at night with the stars above. I heard you say my name...'Wake up, o dearest one. I shine to you tonite in my delight. I make it happen.'

26 september 2000
    Thank you for the video CD's you gave me. I promise to sing the first song to you. I'm glad that we are friends. Take care and in everything you do always remember to thank God for His blessings.

    Why are you leaving this soon? Tired from the island culture? Perhaps you miss home so much? I don't blame you both. You have your family there. I can't stop you from leaving. I really appreciate this new friendship. Thanks for the invitation for me to come there and perhaps I shall visit... I'm grateful for you taking me out to dinner and have a talk. It's hard to say goodbye but you have to go back and you're coming back sooner or later anyway. I shall not be saddened. Bon voyage home. Aloha me ke Akua.

28 september 2000
    It is exactly one month since you knocked that door of friendship. And now that I see you both leaving. I got used to it and endeared myself to you. Thank you for the friendship we shared and you will not be forgotten. And when you come back, we'll share the same moments of friendship. Goodbye for now. Please keep in touch.

29 september 2000
    Another friend of mine is leaving for the mainland. He is set to make new leash in life. I'm glad of the friendship we had. I'm happy to be a part of your life. Good luck.

30 september 2000
    All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them -Walt Disney