July 2001
The clock tower at the Whalers' Village

01 sep 2001
"Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life." - Sandra Carey

05 sep 2001
I take this long drive every day to work. I talk to God as He hitch along for the ride.

06 sep 2001
Good morning world! I sit in the dining room with a cup of cocoa listening to the songs of Fra Lippo Lippi and enjoying a moment of silence wishing for her presence.

10 sep 2001
It is believed that we are the masters of our own destiny. So therefore we are capable of changing our future...the inevitable is dying because in one point of our lives we will die.

11 sep 2001
The world came into halt. I can't believe what happened. It's a time for humanity to be together in this tough times. God bless us all!

12 sep 2001
Sometimes I wonder why we have to suffer. I have never imagined that the World Trade Center have been leveled to ground zero. Why God?

13 sep 2001
Deep in my soul is grief. Why do the innocent suffer? It is in my humble self to grieve and weep. Life is a gift. It is the very purpose of love.

14 sep 2001
The news keeps on flashing on the world's TVs. How can the world cope up with these sufferings? Everything has a season. It's how the world works.

15 sep 2001
While the iron is hot, learn how to strike. This is the truth. Learn how to seize the moment when it is already in front of your face. Carpe diem!

16 sep 2001
I begin to understand the adversities of life. They make you learn to be stronger and learn not to commit the same mistakes again.

17 sep 2001
What would it be like when you're away from home and fending for yourself? Is this part of growing up? You would say, 'Go and see the world outside of yours.'

18 sep 2001
In the heart of a big preparation for my journey to the Garden Isle. Excite fills the air. Living independently for a while. Would I long for my mother's cooking?

19 sep 2001
Kauai, the Garden Isle. At last I've seen it. Truly a laid back frontier. People are friendly. A day filled with little things out of the ordinary. I'm away from home. I'm learning.

20 sep 2001
My room is huge. I wish I can share it with you now. I enjoy this life when you are with me. I miss you. Do you miss me? Perhaps I am really alone in this empty, cold room.

21 sep 2001
At last I've got a way to be mobile. Two days ago, I didn't have a car from the airport to the hotel. Thank God, I have funds already and I can do my shopping, too for food. I have a car now. I could see the pristine beauty of Kauai. What do I miss? I miss someone special. Give me your sweet tenderness.

22 sep 2001
I met you today...and I thank you for the moment you gave me. We were at the highest point in the island when our paths crossed. Did you know I wished for someone like you a long time ago? I enjoyed breaking bread with you this afternoon with your mother. I wish to see you again.

23 sep 2001
In this little island, people have a way to have fun. There's a sense of family. I've been a part of that family. Thank you Lord for blessing me.

24 sep 2001
The thought of home is strong...but I have accomplished independence of living, meeting new friends in a far away land. People have learned from me. I have learned from them.

25 sep 2001
The best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at worth doing. - Anonymous

26 sep 2001
Sitting and alone in his room where have he been gone? His mind took him elsewhere where he makes his own reality. Null and void, crawling in search for the light.

27 sep 2001
The rainbow with its full spectrum of colors is reminiscent of life. We build our own rainbows after our life's storm.

28 sep 2001
It's cold when the breeze blows into his room.

29 sep 2001
It's great to be back home and see my mother and my dog. She is here with her mother, I knew she thought of me. I miss her.

30 sep 2001
Dengue fever have struck the island. I hope the epidemic be contained soon It's hard to be sick these days. I'll be back again in Kauai tomorrow.