August 2000
A school of fish

01 september 2002
Flying Bird and Fish
Chyi Yu

I'm a fish, you a flying bird.
If not for your accidental loss of control of speed,
If not for my incidental glimpse and searching gaze,
There would not have been our star-crossed love affair.

You are brave, I fatalistic.
You're a wandering bird perching on any place.
I'm a fish having long since lost my warmth.
The blue sky and the blue sea pose an embarrassing gulf of difficulty between you and me.

Why talk about heaven and earth, four seasons, and day and night?
Why bother about the sky and the sea, heaven and hell, evening drums and morning bells?
Always Together ... Forever Apart...

Sleepless night, and trouble in awakening the next morning.
Spring flowers, how can they get to know the autumn fruits?
Today's tragic failure, how can it forgive yesterday's blindness?
The flying bird, how come it fell in love with the fish?

02 september 2002
Once in a Lifetime
Kenny Loggins and Human Nature
Runaway Bride

Something about you
Oh, could it be I finally found
My destiny
Now here you are
Within my reach

How did I miss you? (how did I miss you)
When you were out there all the time
It took this moment
To make me realize...

Once in a Lifetime
You find your reason for living
You find the one that makes your every dream
Come true
(Find the one that makes your dreams...)
Oh I could search the world forever
But no one else could do
Cause once in a lifetime
You find someone like you

Once in a lifetime, ohh

I've waited for so long (so long)
Makin this can't nothin be but a lie
Cause all about
Standing by wind, oohh
Alone in the crowd, oh oh oh

I went through the motion (went through the motion)
Then out of heaven you arrived
Whatever was wrong
Suddenly is right

Cause once in a lifetime
You find the reason for living
You find the one who makes your every dream
Come true
(Find the one who makes your dream...)
No, I could search the world forever
And no one else would do
Cause once in a lifetime
You find someone like you

(Find someone like you...)
Hearts that wait for love can grow so weary
(Don't you know... a heart can grow?)
But it doesn't matter anymore
When you find the one you've waited for...

You find your reason for living
You find the one that makes your every dream come ... oh you make it come true
Oh you could search the world forever
But no one else would do
Cause once in a lifetime
You find someone like you.....

Cause once in a lifetime
You find someone.....
Someone like you......


04 september 2002
A Moment Like This
A moment like this, some people waited for a lifetime... - Kelly Clarkson, American Idol

05 september 2002
You may héar nothing from mé on how i appréciaté you, but béyond that siléncé, your friéndship créatés a béautiful sound in my héart. -Thoughts from afar

11 september 2002
A moment of silence
The bastion of democracy stands tall from sea to shining sea.

Coming Home
Fourteen years ago, I came back to Maui to start new in life from the Philippines. Looking back, I have traversed a long journey and set milestones. Like the honu, it comes back to its place of birth and lays its eggs on the same shores where she hatched. She spends a lifetime out in the sea and then come back to start a new generation. It is like life, we go to far distances in the world

14 september 2002
Austin Powers does it again on his third comeback movie Goldmember. I went to watch it after work and I have hard laughs with the other viewers. Truly a creative creation by Mr. Myers. I have watched the first Austin Powers movie in Manila and the second one, The Spy Who Shagged Me, here in Maui.

17 september 2002
“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers or even for God.” -M. Scott Peck, Abounding Grace

21 september 2002
“We envision, therefore, a new society in which equality of opportunity is not a fraud but fact. An oligarchic society may sincerely believe in quality of opportunity, but so long as there be a wide economic gap, the opportunity begins at the starting line, when a human being is born. This simply means that a few should not be born “with everything” while the many have nothing.When we proceed from this premise, everything else follows: the radicalization of society begins.” - Ferdinand Marcos

23 september 2002
I am thankful of this journey...the universe is bringing order.