Aug 2003

01 sep 2003
Labor Day (USA).

08 sep 2003
Wind and Water
by Keoni

The elements that make us
the wind and the water
of Mother Earth's great treasure
It's the life for every creature
One is of the wind and one is of the water
Their worlds apart
But what draws them closer
Is their love unfeigned
Why did the wind fell in love with the water?
Here's a question of cosmic proportions.
Left to be answered for you and me.

11 sep 2003
Fifteen years ago, I came back to Maui and set a new path of life. Looking back, I came to see that the journey is not over. There are many things to put as tasks to accomplish. Sometimes I do this alone or have the help of someone else and most of all with the guidance of the Almighty.

18 sep 2003
“You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution.” -Gilbert Keith Chesterton

21 sep 2003
Yesterday is Now Today
by Keoni

Today I looked back on yesterday
When I remembered all you say
When my world was in disarray
I come to you come what may.

I wrote this poem a long time ago. I've found it in my archives. I am so thankful for my gift that I am able to share my thoughts on paper. The day went by like a passing breeze, though it's really humid, I refreshed myself with a glass of iced tea and a glass of orange juice. I watched a movie as well, Tears of the Sun. The brutalities of war must stop but it has been a reality in our humanity as we have forgotten to realize that wars doesn't end our conflicts. When we learn to submit ourselves to the guidance of the Divine Almighty, wars can be aborted. The way to peace, we know not until we leave our self-righteousness behind.