I Remember The Café
by JQ Gonzales

After a long walk around the mall
Dining, talking, laughing and all
This was the day our eyes met
And we began to ask ourselves
The feelings we have inside
Impossible! Geographically undesirable!
That was your complaint
Though our worlds are apart
You are coming back to me by heart
Thanks for the song
I listen to when I am alone
Could have been
Happy as it seem
At the café
Where we went in
To watch and listen to the band sing
It might be you
It is you
When I felt your hands
Deep inside me
I felt your love flowing into my soul
I remember
How you showed me
Tie a knot from the red cherry
With your tongue
Your hands I felt them
I felt the joy and sadness within you
A moment of joy and of loving
A moment of sorrow and of losing
When choosing between us and them
We had dreams
Of a happy family
Though we would live in modesty
What matters most is we would have a home
Our God-given wisdom and talents
Will assure us we would enjoy
The blessings of free enterprise
We don’t need any benefactor
For we can stand on our own
We can go around the world
And see different cultures
That make up humanity
And see in their eyes
What makes them live
When we parted in that instance
My eyes followed you
And I whispered to the wind
Your name be cherished
Beyond the words of poetry